Why would you want to develop your intuition?

Things happen in our lives that are not pleasant and sometimes downright scary. You want to navigate through life with some control and assurance that things will be okay or that the choices we make will alleviate further pain or not make things worse. Making those decisions is hard when the future is uncertain and unknown. Then there are the times when there is nothing to decide but only sit and wait. Sitting and waiting can be torture. Intuition can give us a glimmer of hope, solace and guidance during difficult times.

The problem is intuition seems to be random and elusive. More commonly, intuition seems vague and intangible. You may often wonder whether you even have intuition, much less have it under your control. Many people who want to develop their intuition to be dependable often have the same motivation. You may have had experiences where your intuition has given you a rare stunning message or you feel your intuition is trying to tell you something, but you don’t know what it is.

Whether you are going through wanting to improve your day to day life or dealing with a life upheaval, you may often wish you had dependable internal guidance, a message or some grace from God letting you know things will be okay, that you are not alone or just assurances of the right thing to do next. You want that inner guidance, a connection to a Knowing, that seems to know everything. You want consistent, reliable intuition on demand.

What does Lisa teach?

I never considered myself to be intuitive. I didn’t have experiences that others, who teach about psychic and intuition development, had as young children. I wasn’t seeing spirits, nor was I getting amazing intuitive messages as a child. Other than the butterflies in my stomach experience with my Dad’s surgery in my 20’s, and one other intuitive message that helped me with a friend’s crisis situation, I ceased having intuitive messages.  It wasn’t that I didn’t try to use my intuition; it just didn’t work for me when I wanted it to. Often my intuition seemed like it didn’t work at all until I was in my 40’s when I learned how to develop my intuition through extensive research, studies and training so it was a bit more under my control to use “on demand”. I then unintentionally found myself doing intuitive readings for the public and to my surprise, my appointment slots sold out at events. My skills improved and later, my intuition actually saved my life when I needed it. Through my studies and experience in performing hundreds of intuitive readings I had finally figured out a system and technique that made my intuition work consistently and reliably. It worked exceedingly well, not just for myself but also for others, as I later discovered. This system and technique comprises the core of the course Developing Your Intuition Level One.

I began to share and teach this knowledge first in monthly intuition development meetings, initially with friends and then with others who were interested. Over time, the group of students grew to over a total of 150, where students had some amazing results. Some would share their stories with me. Here is one from George: “Friday night, I had the [intuitive] sense of a freezing pipe, I then checked on the boiler, to find it stopped working! The fuel line was frozen! If I had not checked… Would have gone to bed…Lots of frozen pipes would have been the outcome! You and your teachings have been a gift!”

I then started to teach a 2-day workshop called Developing Your Intuition Level One and another called Advanced Intuition Development. I expanded the workshop’s reach by offering it as an online class. There are now over 70 graduates around the globe from Japan to Denmark, Canada and all over the United States. At the same time, I began to do lectures and talks to the public on some of the intuition methods and techniques. The response was phenomenal; the talks were very well received, and some people in the audience immediately had results from what they learned, even on the way home! Using the information that Allison learned from attending one of my talks, she wrote to me: “Thank you so much for your lecture at the New Life Expo.  Having experienced all three days of the expo now, I can say that your lecture was one of my favorites.  I have been practicing using my intuition, and I am so impressed how well it worked on the following: I knew which subway train would leave first. My intuition told me that a man on the subway would leave on a stop before me. I knew which seat a panelist would sit in (2nd from the left). [My intuition] said I would arrive at 8:41 pm, and sure enough, the train pulled into my home station at that exact time.”

People enjoyed the way I explained the techniques in a down to earth, step-by-step fashion that was tangible and easy for them to understand. They felt they could relate well to my being a more ‘grounded’ person who was not ‘woo woo’, particularly because of my background in science and engineering.

What makes this course different

When I first tried to learn how to work with my intuition, many of the books I read and classes I took were often confusing. The teacher or author would tell the reader or student ‘go into your heart’ or ‘connect to spirit’, sometimes even skipping the entire process of how to do it and then say ‘after you’ve receive your intuitive message…’ — all of which left me baffled. Going into your heart did not make sense to me, metaphorically or physically, since I knew my heart was in my chest and was the organ that circulated my blood. Aside from being vague and intangible, ‘connecting to spirit’ is not something most people would naturally know how to do. Many courses and books on intuition and psychic development mainly focus on 5 “psychic senses” or the “Clairs”, and then talk about the Chakras and human energy system. This was somewhat helpful, but still didn’t explain how to make intuition appear when I needed it. Others touch on a process using the question and answer method, but it is often cursory. The rest, as they say, is left up to the reader to figure out. Unlike these classes, Developing Your Intuition explains a structured technique on how to go step-by-step to make intuition happen when you want, on what you want.

If you are beginning to learn how to work with your intuition, you often go through the first step of getting bits and pieces of intuitive information, but it usually doesn’t make sense. Developing Your Intuition takes intuition development to the next level by showing you how to get more detailed information from your intuition that is useful and can be understood and acted upon.

Developing Your Intuition focuses on the process of getting intuitive information so it can work for you right away, rather than debating or disputing where the intuitive information may be coming from. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter exactly where intuition comes from, whether it is from angels, your higher self, your subconscious, or the deep recesses of your brain; as long as it is working consistently and reliably with verifiable positive results. Developing Your Intuition also explains the importance of practicing, as well as providing many types of exercises as well as giving you a good understanding of what makes a good intuition exercise from a bad one and the best way to do an intuition exercise. As seen from the success of many students already using the Developing Your Intuition techniques and methods, you can be confident you can get similar results on your own.

The course

The techniques and methods in Developing Your Intuition were initially developed from finding a way to answer the most common questions people have about intuition. Those common questions are:

  • How do I make my intuition happen when I want on what I want rather than just happening randomly?
  • How do I know it’s my intuition giving me a message and that I’m not just making it up?
  • What I’m getting from my intuition is vague and I’m not sure what it means, how do I get more detailed and meaningful information from my intuition?

Developing Your Intuition answers all of these questions through a stepwise process that is a down to earth, tangible process that makes sense to people. Words used to describe the technique and processes are clear and understandable. It’s not “woo woo” and is straightforward. In addition, the technique can easily be applied to any situation and can be built upon through clear exercises.

In-Person Workshops 

Lisa K.’s In-Person Classes (see events for scheduled classes):

Intuition Group Exercises

Lisa holds both in-person and online Intuition Development Circle meetings.  In-person meetings are held in Westchester County, New York.  In these meetings you can practice your intuition skills in a safe and understanding environment with others of like minds.  It also gives you a chance to meet others who share the same interests.  Lisa also holds a similar kind of meeting via webinar and teleconference for those who cannot be present in person. This group is run as a development circle to exercise and help enhance your intuitive abilities and skills.  You can join us by contacting Lisa K. and request to join one of our meetings.

Online Programs and Classes

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Many of Lisa’s clients are from around the country and in other parts of the world, so she is reaching out via the internet to bring her services to them. This makes it very convenient for people to experience the workshops and events Lisa offers without having to travel.  These online classes only require a computer and access to the web.  You can see, hear and even interact with Lisa via the internet and also with other participants in the class. You will be able to ask Lisa questions during the live class. If you are not able to make the live class time all participants who register will receive a link to a recording of the class.

Lisa K.’s Online Courses (some classes are always available, others are scheduled):