[Intuition Tip] How to Boost Your Intuition When You're on Vacation

Vacation trips are the perfect time to strengthen your intuition. When you're on vacation your mind is in a perfect state to access your intuitive mind. Vacation gives you lots of opportunities to develop your intuition and still have fun!

I'll show you how to use your intuition in different situations on vacation, to find the best restaurant, find exciting sites, or help you find your way.

Vacation time is perfect, you're in places you're not familiar with, and your mind is in the best intuitive state. A relaxed mind that is open is ready to receive intuitive messages very easily. Here is how you can take advantage of it.

You can use this technique anywhere and anytime. You'll be surprised at the exciting vacation experiences and places you'll find when your intuition is involved. I give you lots of examples.

Get something to write on and I'll give you 3 steps to strengthen your intuition while you're on vacation.