Getting a fortune in Japan - Omikuji at Sensoji Temple

I discovered something at the Senso-ji Temple, and it's very popular apparently in Japan. When I took the video I didn't know what it was at first. Omikuji, I found out, is a sort of like uber Chinese fortune cookies that people here love. Generally, you get a piece of paper with your fortune on it. You can ask a question for to ‘answer' and on the paper are several answers based on the category (e.g. lost object, health, love, business, etc.).The trick here is to shake a stick from a can. Each stick has a number on it. The number corresponds to a drawer with the fortune papers.

Omikuji is found in many of the shrines and temples in Japan. The fortunes range from good and very good fortune to not so good…It's all just good fun though.

Mostly the Omikuji is written in Japanese, but at the more popular places you can find them written in English – or other languages as well.