Understanding your customer in your spiritual business

Who Are My Customers?

Knowing who your prospective clients are is key to understanding why they may be looking for your services or products. From this you will gain insight into how to market to them and let them know you are available to help. The prospective clients are called your “target market.” Let’s start with your answering a few questions.

What is it that you do for others? For example, I teach people how to develop their intuition.

The next question you need to ask yourself is: Who would be interested in my service or product?

This will define the people you want to reach in your market. You may be tempted to say everyone is interested in what you have to offer, but we all know that not everyone likes the same thing. That’s okay! You want to narrow down the kind of person you want to reach. Start by looking at your current customers and note their similar traits.

What kinds of people attend your seminars?

Who are your favorite customers?

Look for common interests and personality traits.

Which customers bring in most of your business?

If you don’t have customers yet, look at similar businesses and see what kind of people frequent those businesses. You most likely have gone to those businesses yourself.

Have you taken a seminar in the subject area of your business?

What kinds of people attended the seminar?

In my business, I find most of the people who attend my seminars and intuition development groups are women over the age of 35; most of them are middle-aged and looking for more in life spiritually. These gentlemen who come to my seminars tend to be older and are often looking for more spiritually. They all have a belief in intuition and curiosity about the world. I love this group of customers; I truly enjoy being, teaching and working with them. We have a blast!

Now that you have a clearer idea of what your business identity is and who your potential customers are, you can go find them. Better yet, you can help make it easier for them to find you! The quicker you can connect to prospective clients, the faster your business can grow and you can attain the goals you’re seeking.

To clarify, here are the kinds of things you can think about for the customer that would be attracted to your business. I have added after each one, as an example, my target customer characteristics after the dash.

  • Gender – generally women though I have men as well
  • Age range – years or categories such as teenagers, young adults, middle age, seniors, etc. – 35 years old and up
  • Personal interests –  e.g. what do they like on Facebook? – positive news, spirituality, personal development, New Age topics, self-improvement, self-help
  • Location – where do they live or work? – My most active customers are currently in English speaking countries, many in the United States, though I online I reach people in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
  • Household Income – over $30K
  • Education level – generally college educated
  • Lifestyle – Many are retired or have older children, love to read, do retreats, enjoy learning about how to improve their lives, interested in eating healthy and living ecologically conscious lives.

Once you know who your ideal customer is and who will most likely want to purchase your services or products, then you can go find them more easily. You can also get to know them better collectively in terms of their hopes and dreams, what holds them back in life, their challenges and obstacles. These are key for marketing.

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