How to stand out in a crowd in your spiritual business

How Am I Different from Other Practitioners?

What is your USP (unique selling proposition)? A unique selling proposition is what makes your service or product different from others who offer similar services. It is meant to encourage customers to buy from you. Everyone has a USP because we are all unique: no one else is like you; no one else has the same experiences or knowledge you do. The trick is to figure out how your uniqueness brings value to your service or product.

Your uniqueness may lie in a transformational life experience you had that now makes you uniquely qualified to be the best provider for your service or product. For example, perhaps you found a way to solve a chronic health issue after years of seeking a fix, or you’ve been through a traumatic experience that led you to discover a spiritual path that changed your life and you now want to share that path with others.

Or you might discover your unique selling proposition from what others tell you. I’ve had many people tell me that the reason why they came to me is because I seem like a very grounded person due to my background in engineering and science. They felt they could relate to me because I wasn’t “woo-woo” and I seemed like a normal person with my corporate background. They particularly liked my scientific approach to intuition development. Having degrees in science and engineering gives me credibility in this area. I realized after I’d been told this over and over again that this attribute is my unique selling proposition. It is the reason why people choose me over my competition.

You can also discover your unique selling proposition just by listening to what people say to you. It is important to listen to praise. Many spiritually based business owners tend to be modest, and if you are like me, shut out hearing the complimentary words from people you have worked with. First, know that you deserve the praise! It is fine to acknowledge it, and when you do the Universe will send you more people who love what you do. Listen to the kind words people give you, for they reflect what makes you different, what makes you stand out among others. It is not trumping yourself over others, it is simply recognizing that you offer people benefits they appreciate and like.

Your unique selling position may be your life story, or the story of how you got here, what you gained, what you learned, or how life became better for you. Everyone’s story is unique, and so is yours. It may be the turning point in your life, or perhaps a life-changing epiphany. Or, like me, it could have been just an accumulation of knowledge that led to a new approach that others had not done before.

Yet another USP may be what you’ve done for other people and the successes they’ve had because of your services. This is not only proof that your service or product works, it also makes you stand out among the crowd.

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