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Learn how to market your spiritual business successfully. Find out how to make a difference and serve others in your spiritual business.

Do you think you were meant to do more? Do you want to help people who want to do good in the world? I was like that, and I figured out what to do about it. I built my own business to serve others. And now I have thousands of people I am helping. If you're interested in starting your own spiritual business and want to know how to get customers, read on to learn how I did it.

Finding a Why

So maybe you're going to work and you find your heart's not in it. Or maybe you're longing to do something that's worthwhile and you want to make a difference in the world. There's so many of us who are like this, and I'm probably not any different from you.

Way back, many years ago, I worked in corporate and built software for many years. I loved technology and managing a team. I led a large team of 70 software developers to build a huge software application. We were an outside consulting company hired to create this application for an insurance company.

And one day a couple of my project leads came into my office and said, “Why are we doing this? We all know they're just going to throw the software we're building in the garbage.” It wasn't because our software was bad. In fact, it was the best application this company ever had. But, we knew in the end they would never use it because of politics.

We were caught in the middle of a turf war between two groups in the company. The end users were on one side and the technology group on the other. The end users were never going to use the software that the technology group built purely because they were bickering.

I hated that politics and the bureaucracy involved in the project, but I had to navigate it all so our team could “win in the end.” The software was completed, we passed an audit with flying colors, and what they had was even better than what they had before. But it felt hollow to me.

And that was when I decided I wanted to do something different. 

I decided I was going to be helpful in the world in a way that was going to do some good and be constructive, because I put a lot of sweat and energy into my work. I always do. And I wanted my efforts to be put to good use. I decided to start my own spiritual business back in 2008.

What could be better than that? You're doing what you love. You are out there working and knowing that every minute of the day that you are putting your energy and your life's effort into some work that is going to actually do something for someone else and help them. That to me is a win-win rather than a lose-lose, like that software was that I built for that insurance company.

When I started my business and put things in place, I actually struggled for a long time until I discovered some secrets. What happened was after I discovered those secrets, I doubled my income in one year and I've had steady growth ever since.

Now I have a team of people who support both me and my business, and we work together to serve others. I am here doing my dream job. I love what I do, and I love that I can help people and that I can watch the fruits of my labor and certainly of my team, as we work together to help others help themselves to live a better life.

My experience helped me realize nearly every business (including some of you out there, I’m sure) wonders about how to get going. I know there are a bunch of my own customers and my own students who are looking to start their healing business or their intuitive consulting business, or they might want to do something that creates products to help other people. I've been getting a lot of questions and I know some of you out there are interested in this. So, I wanted to share with you some of the most important lessons that I learned.

I love to share my passion to learn and to help my life get better and better with the things that I learned. And then when it works for me, I want to share it with you. I want to share it with you to help you improve your lives. This is to uplift you and to help you with your life. So, if you're interested in knowing how to get customers for your own spiritual business then continue reading!

Someone had written me on Instagram asking about a business she wants to do.  It's not necessarily spiritual, but it's something that she wants to do; her business was helping people learn English for Greek speaking people or learn Greek for English speaking people. To help her, I gave her 3 things that could help her right away that I wish I had known when I started. It doesn’t matter what your business is exactly, because the ideas are applicable for you as well. So here are the three things.

1. Start small. Don't try to do everything.

One of the things that I discovered is people who have a small businesses end up with the SAME problem. This seems especially true if they want to be a healer or they want to have a spiritual business; they try to do everything. That dilutes the clarity for your customer. It confuses your customers because they're not really quite sure what you do. A confused customer never buys. Try to do one thing at first. 

I've seen some, for example, try and do tarot card readings, essential oils, energy healing and meditation. They wrap it all up into multiple offers, put it all out there, and then they don't see success. It's because it's not clear what they do, what they're good at or what they're a specialist in.  I know this may feel difficult to do. Picking one thing. But, remember, just because you start with one thing, it doesn't mean you're going to throw the other things away.

I heard an analogy, which is, if you had a headache and went to the drug store for help and you found a bottle of pills that was on the shelf labeled “general pain relief”, that's probably not the one you're going to pick. You probably want to look for the bottle that says pain relief for headaches, right? That's the way people think.

Again, you want to start small. That doesn't mean that you are going to throw your other services and products away.  Maybe your one thing that you do that you tell everybody is Reiki, but then when they come to see you, they can see you also like to do essential oils.

So you tell folks all about your love of Reiki and the energy healing as your focus, but you set yourself apart by also having the essential oils, then do that. If you have a client that comes to you and they say, you know, I need some help going to sleep or relaxing,  then you can offer more.  You might say,  “Hey, you know what? I have some solutions in terms of some essential oils that can help you relax.” This becomes your backend product or an upsell.

See, you don't have to throw the other things away. Those of you who are my students and customers, know that my business model is I teach everyone how to become more intuitive; to develop your intuition. But I also have other things that I teach as well. And that's what we call backend sales or upsells. So, number one, start small. Don't try to do everything. What do you love the most? Pick that and put that up front.

2. Success is all about testing and trying.

You don't need to have it all built first. Oftentimes people think, okay, I have to build my whole program offerings done and I've got to have my website and my e-store finished first. And I have to have all these bells and whistles all put in place before I actually can go out and find a customer. But you don't need to have it built all first.

Sadly, that's what I did. I did this the wrong way. I built a 60-hour video for my Developing Your Intuition Course, which was offered at a high price point and took a lot of time to build, before I actually went out to find a customer. It turned out that was not what I needed to do.

I learned that what I should have done was to do a test first, to actually go out and test the market. I needed to talk about it first, or market the product before I have the whole thing built out because I could actually build it as I delivered it if it sold. That doesn't mean not to have anything.

You can build a workshop on the course topic first, perhaps addressing frequently asked questions and do this as a beta test. We start to test something small first to see how it does in the market.

This worked super well for me for my signature intuition course, Trust Yourself. I was able to get it out the door quickly once I did the beta test and then followed up with building the course out as I taught it. That course has generated over 5 figures in revenue!

3. Marketing

Marketing. It's kind of like the word meditation. Sometimes when people hear meditation they think “I can't meditate. Forget it. I'm leaving.” Marketing is similar in that people say “I don't want to market. I don't want to sell. That's icky. That's sleazy, that's pushy.”

But what we need to understand is what marketing really is. It's really about sharing your message with a potential customer of what it is that you want to do to help them. And it's also all about why you do what you are doing.

What is it that you stand for? Why do you do this? How are you going to help others get to what they want? How will you help them solve a problem? That's why we do this anyway.

We want to help other people improve their life or their situation or their problems. That's really what it's about.  Without marketing, they won’t hear about you and you won't be able to help them. You have to spread the word!

If you're interested in starting a side hustle, you own business or spiritual business, I would love to hear from you. Let me know. You can catch me on Instagram or Facebook.

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