5 Ways to Boost Your Spiritual Business

How do you boost your spiritual business? Here are 5 ways you can put in place now whether you are just starting or have been in business a while. When you start your spiritual business your biggest concern is getting people to know you even exist. Then, once your business is established, you worry about how to keep customers coming in. The strategy is always the same whether you are just starting out or have an existing business.

As a spiritual business owner, a big part of your job is to make it easy for someone to find you and build a personal relationship by getting them to know you. Even if you get their attention, you’re not done yet; he or she will want to know more about you and what you do before they decide to purchase something. Boosting your spiritual business is all about attracting and resonating with people. You “attract” to get someone’s attention, and then if you “resonate” with him or her they’ll become a customer. To keep your customers coming back again and again, you’ll want to “synergize” your relationship with them. These are the three key components of Spiritual Business marketing that can boost your business: Attract, Resonate and Synergize.

If you’re concerned about the ‘selling’ part of getting customers, don’t be because people who want to come to your business are actually looking for you. This is where attraction comes in; you are giving people a chance to know that you are available to help them solve a problem they want to solve. Getting them to be comfortable with you is merely starting a conversation so you can get know each other and they can learn about what you do. It is very similar to making new friends. You often start as an acquaintance and through that initial “get to know you conversation” you find that you both have things in common and that you are interested in similar things. If you both ‘click’ and like each other, that is resonance!

Fortunately, there are 5 things you can do right now to start that conversation and get your relationship going to boost your business and be more successful quickly. Let’s start to resonate with both potential and current customers.

#1 Pick one thing. Many spiritual and holistic business owners have many products and services they want to offer. Pick one thing your business does that can be a centerpiece you can focus on and promote that. The clearer it is for people to know what you offer, the more likely they will become a customer. Remember, a confused customer doesn’t buy. For example, a business that promotes life coaching sessions, herbal supplements, essential oils, and hypnotherapy all at once may cause confusion, so put your best service first. Someone may wonder what is it that this business does best? Picking life coaching as the centerpiece with the other services and products as add-ons, creates clarity in customers to know what your business is about.

#2 Solve a problem When you promote your services or products, your message should be how your business solves a problem your customer has. People are looking to purchase things to improve an area in their life, to solve an issue or problem. Your business has the solution! Perhaps your meditation CD reduces daily stress and anxiety, your herbal remedy increases mental clarity, or your Yoga class can revitalize someone’s energy so they can accomplish more in a day.

#3 Have a website Creating a website for your business is now more important than ever. Even if you have a one page website, people will find your business more easily for two reasons. First, almost everyone is getting information from the Internet. Not many people use the yellow pages any more; they go to Google to search for what they need. Secondly, you can describe more about your business on a website than you can on a business card. Websites give your business authenticity, authority and establishes it as a serious endeavor.

#4 Keep a list Keep a list of email addresses of “self-selected” people who choose to be on your list, are interested in you and your business. This is key to building a customer relationship. By staying in contact periodically through email you allow them to get to know you while keeping your business in front of them.

#5 Go out and do Every class, talk or service you offer and do is marketing and gets the word out that you’re open for business. The more you do, the more opportunity people have to come across you in action and know that you have something to offer. It takes 7 to 9 times of someone seeing your name before they begin to remember you exist. Going out and doing helps you reach that larger group of potential customers.

So there you have it. Five things you can do to get your business going or boost your existing one. Having your own business can be exciting and very rewarding. Putting a few things in place can really make a huge difference in your business right away.

Lisa K. is a teacher, author and speaker teaching others how to develop their intuition through a global presence and in-person workshops. Starting her spiritual business in 2007, she nearly tripled her following in 2 years through social media and direct marketing. She teaches her business building techniques online, helping spiritual business entrepreneurs get their business started. As an author, Lisa's work is frequently published in a variety of online magazines including The Huffington Post and is a Featured Columnist for OmTimes Magazine.

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