Feedback from our Radio Show fans:

I absolutely love listen to your show. Your background is so fascinating to me. I'm grateful I found your podcast. I'm sure a lot of listeners appreciate your background like myself. It really validates what is going on in a lot of our lives. With your credentials as such it brings awareness to others that wouldn't normally believe that it is possible to talk to your Angel's little alone by psychic. I could not have found your show at a more perfect time. Your show has also given me the verbiage to use when such things happen (like finding you at the right time) “SYNCHRONICTY” It's fun and educational which makes it time well spent in my book. Thank you and your crew for reaching out with this show to many like myself who were in turmoil emotionally/mentally about the odd things we “hear”, “see”, “feel” and “know” that are not of this playing field. I use to get scared but now I'm welcoming the experiences as gifts. MANY BLESSINGS.

– Diane N.

I just listened to the first half of Tuesday's podcast on the way to work this morning. I absolutely loved it… I can totally relate.

– B.R.

Hi Lisa, I listened today on your radio show and just wanted to say how awesome it was to gain more information and to understand about being clairvoyant. It as well motivated me to do additional research on my own. Thank you again.

– J.G.

Hi Lisa! I LOVE your show! Such a fan! Been listening to it for a few years now. Thank you!!!

– P.K.

Just wanted to drop you a note…I'm listening to your programs tonight. They are wonderful. I'm listening to the episode on crystals. You are so knowledgeable about stones, properties, energies. It's just delightful listening to you talk.

– C.R.

I listened into the show for February today on iTunes, missed it live.. But never-the-less simply Beautiful!!! As always. Everyone you all are truly the best. I love the show as much as I love you all.

– C.M.

I must say that what you were picking up is exactly how I am feeling. It is just amazing how you can sense all that, you are truly gifted and I am very luck to have found you, your show and your co-host to help me with furthering my connections with my Angels and helping to assist me with my life issues.

– P.A.

Thank You Lisa, I enjoyed listening to your friendship talk [show]… The part of having to let go of a friend, helped shed some well needed light on something that I have been struggling with. So I thank you 🙂

– K.O.S.

Lisa great show!

– Happy to be Nappy

Wow. What a great speaker…. of all the blog talk stuff I've listened to.. this is the top shelf… and your questions are spot on as well…

– towerdog

Been a fan of your radio show over the years and you have great wisdom. I just think you're great.

– Gabe

I've been listening to one (actually many) of your archived podcasts. LOVE IT. You resonant in me. Thank you for all you do.

– Sharon

I've listened to your recorded show on detachment, awesome! you have a great radio voice. The content and the listener really help me put things in perspective! Thanks so much, look forward on listening to more.

– M.C.

Hi Lisa, I've been a Between Heaven and Earth listener for about a year now. I think the show is great and I look forward to it every month. I just listened to the Spirit Guides one and it was great. Please keep up the great work.

– C.G.

I moved to Florida but I always look forward to your newsletter and keep up with your radio show. I really enjoy them all, specially the last on on gratitude. I do keep a gratitude journal which I write 5 things I am grateful for every morning. All is well… enjoying today and expecting great things in the future! Thank you for all the light you bring to this world. Peace and light.

– J.D.

I really enjoy listening to your radio show. I got great tips from listening to the last show after it aired and today on all of the card decks.

– B.S.

Loved your last show, I listened to it while I was walking made me stop and really be present and when I did I realized that i was just 3 ft from a deer that was standing so still next to the road!

– J.H.

I loved the podcast about Synchronicity very insightful.

– D.S.

I listened to Lisa's show through the link you sent me and in some ways felt she was speaking directly to me. Thank you, her words are wise and couldn't have come at a better time. Much appreciated.

– Naomi

I was listening to your iTune programs, I find them uplifting with positive energy.

– C.D.

Thank you for a wonderful show — you are all very kind and loving – it comes through over airwaves… thank you.

– EarthMum

I definitely enjoyed the show and would like to thank you. I have to go to school now. But lots of love and hugs to all in the chat room and Lisa K & Crew, lol.

– libertyvalencia

Great topic… I have to catch it again on Archives.

– Genie Santorini