From Wounded to Inner Wisdom - Wade Cook Case Study- #208

Angel blessings! Welcome to the latest episode of Between Heaven and Earth with Lisa K! Going from wounded to having inner wisdom is not always an easy journey. Today, Lisa welcomes special guest Wade Cook to the show to have an emotional conversation about the huge transformation that’s been happening in his life as a result of finding, growing and trusting his intuition. From accepting his life and feeling like things were going to be the same forever, to realizing the potential of truly being alive, Wade found a deeper purpose in his life and is determined to see it through. Lessons in letting go, and seeing the bigger picture were difficult at times, with a little help, and some interesting exercises, Wade was able to tap into his intuitive side, and strengthen his bond with his new found gift. Tune in and hear his story!

In This Episode

  • Skepticism, to curiosity, to massive transformation.
  • Finding meaning where there didn’t seem to be any before.
  • From being wounded to being wise
  • How life differs once your intuition comes into play.
  • When things make no sense, it’s very possible that you’re still onto something.
  • More Peace.


“Turning your wounds into wisdom”

“Judgement has been my biggest issue”

“If it seemed wrong, it might not be”

“All of a sudden I have this new lease on life that makes me emotional”

“It’s kinda given me this sense of being alive”

“We always seem to attract the nicest, beautiful souls”


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