What is intuition? - Episode #0

Intuition is simply: Knowing without knowing how we know it. But where is Intuition? How does the mind and brain work with intuition? Let’s look at the brain. What’s in the other 90%? It has been said that humans only use 10% of our brainpower, and people make the assumption that the other 90% is up for grabs, but our entire brain is being used all the time, it is just that we are not conscious of it. We can consciously process only a small amount of what’s going on in our brains because the rest of our brain is busy with keeping our body running It is processing information that we don’t need to attend to because of where our attention is focused. Much of what is going on in our brain is unconscious, which is that other “90%”. If we were conscious of what was going on in the rest of our brains we’d be overwhelmed. So what is intuition? Does it exist? How do we know it's real?

In this LisaK Radio podcast show we’ll be talking about what intuition is. If you look up intuition in the dictionary and you’ll find different definitions. Merriam-Webster defines it as “something that is known or understood without proof or evidence,” which is kind of vague. We’ll be clearing up the meaning of intuition for you and how you can make intuition work for you. In this show Lisa K., an intuition expert, will share with you what the meaning of intuition is, the brain science behind intuition, how intuition is used in business and how you can enhance yours and be more intuitive.