The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomenon with Dianne Hennacy Powell - Episode #217

Angel blessings! Welcome to another episode of Between Heaven and Earth! This episode is all about psychic phenomenon, and how science actually build a very strong case for its existence! Our guest today is Dr. Dianne Hennacy Powell. Dr. Powell is an author, public speaker, researcher and practicing psychiatrist with tons of knowledge, experience and ideas in the realm of human connection and psychic phenomena!

This fascinating episode covers an immense amount of scientific findings and how they translate into evidence of the presence of intuitive and psychic activity in our lifetime! From telepathy and telekinesis to psychokinesis and precognition, this episode covers quite a few different types of psychic activity, and even goes into the brain’s role in all of this. Dr. Powell even discusses her experience with the increased occurrence of psychic phenomenon within autistic children. This episode is filled with intelligent conversation and intriguing examples from start to finish! Interested in psychic phenomenon? This is a must listen!

In This Episode

  • How do we know psychic phenomena actually exists?
  • How is a white crow relevant to proving the existence of something?
  • What is remote viewing and why was it so highly in demand by intelligence agencies? 
  • Spoon bending parties, psychokinesis and precognition.
  • Where does time and physics come into all of this?
  • Why is the right brain so important to intuitive and psychic activity.
  • Is it possible that people with Autism are more susceptible to psychic phenomena?


“Within biology there are species who can sense things that we don’t”

“The evidence for proving something exists, such as a white crow, only requires that you see one white crow”

“It would never explain some of these things that are just piling up. The number of things that neuroscientists and psychiatrists are ignoring”

“You can’t just look at the brain, you have to look at the physics of the universe”

“Our sense of time is totally incorrect”

“There’s so much evidence that the past, the present and the future all coexist”

“The practice is so important”


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