The best way to learn how to use your intuition – Episode #287

I just received a really great question from someone in my audience. Katie writes: “I am really excited to start learning about how to better use my instincts. As a beginner to ‘really learn how to use it', what is the best book, website, or any other to really get moving on this?  I'm sure there are lots of materials, so no idea where to start with the best? Thanks in advance for any help.”  In this episode, I’m going to go over the absolute best way for you to learn how to use your intuition. I’ll go over the exact steps you go through to develop your intuition or instincts, or gut feel so you can use it to know what’s right, know the direction, clarity and confidence in your decisions. Because, as I’m sure you know, your intuition is the guiding force that always knows how to get you to the next level for your Highest Good.

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