The 5 Myths That Are Killing Your Best Decision Making - Episode #244A

Have you ever struggled with making a decision?
You weigh out all the pros and cons in your head, but no clear answer comes to you. Then you feel like you just have to do something so you decide to take one course of action, then a second later you stop and reverse yourself. You go over all the facts, all the options, all the possible scenarios, but none of them seem right, either way you feel you there is a risk of losing out.

What would it be like to have the knowing what the next best step is to take or you make a decision that gives you results way better than you ever could have imagined?

These kinds of results can happen when you make the right decisions, whether they be small decisions during your day, or big ones a few times a year. Before you know it you are way ahead of where you were and achieving great results.

So how do we do this? First you have to get past the things that are stopping you from making better decisions.

I’m going to go over the 5 myths that are killing your ability to make the better decisions.


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