Spirit Traveler to Sacred Sites - guest Sonja Grace - Episode #183

Spirit Traveler explores what we know about eight of the world’s greatest historic sites, including standing stones, castles and pyramids and what really happened centuries ago. Sonja Grace shares her ability to travel through time and receive the information of what happened and why it was built and by whom. She shares detailed information about each site, the people, demi gods and ceremonies of the past. Spirit Traveler will help people to broaden their perspective on history and shine a new light on their relationships with the universe.

Sonja Grace is an internationally known mystic and healer whose work helps people who suffer physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sonja's ancestral background is a fascinating blend of Native American and Norwegian. She has been adopted by the Hopi Reservation where she is considered a medicine woman. Sonja is the author of ‘Become an Earth Angel', (Findhorn Press) and has appeared on Beyond Belief with George Noory, Coast to Coast AM, Better TV, A.M. Northwest and the Virtual Light Broadcast. For more about Sonja Grace go to www.sonjagrace.com

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