Signs of Spirit on a Purple Paper - guest Roland Comtois - Episode #228

Can you make contact with a loved one who has passed on? While treated as an inconclusive question, there is a ton of evidence that it is possible, and yet we continue to ignore the signs. Why do we do that? Welcome to another episode of Between Heaven and Earth Radio! In this week’s episode, Lisa speaks with Medium, Author and friend Roland Comtois about his experiences in connecting with those who are no longer with us. Roland describes how it feels to connect with a loved one who has passed, and the eternal connection you share with them, even after death. He and Lisa go back and forth on the physical characteristics and the emotional hints that come when connection is finally made.

Roland also shares stories of growing up with this gift and how the evidence finally became too clear for people to doubt him anymore. He and Lisa also share the role that intuition plays in making contact. They also discuss why silence can actually be golden when communicating with your loved ones.

In This Episode

  • Bridging grief to peace: telling the story of eternal connection, and navigating grief and loss.
  • With all of the evidence suggesting a connection to deceased loved ones, why do we still doubt that it can happen?
  • It’s not true because someone says it, it becomes true when someone experiences it.
  • What are the Purple Papers?
  • Developing a continued relationship with someone who has passed.
  • What does connecting to a loved one who has passed feel like? What are the signs?


“I don’t doubt the existence of something beyond my breath”

“There is more beyond, and that we live beyond, that our consciousness exists beyond, that’s what this is trying to tell you”

“You have to understand silence first”

“We’re all part of the tapestry”


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