Is There Life After Death with Bob Olson - Episode #218

Is there life after death? Does the afterlife actually exists? Has it truly been proven? In this episode of Between Heaven and Earth, Lisa is joined by Bob Olson, a private investigator who put his skills to work in finding evidence of the afterlife. After having inexplicably specific and accurate readings from a medium, Bob made it his mission to discover the truth about psychics and spirit communication as well as the afterlife itself.

During this transmission, Bob shares the experience that pushed him from being a skeptic to a believer. He also explains his findings about the afterlife. Furthermore, Bob describes the difference between evidence and proof, and how to measure a medium to see if they are reading you correctly. Do you want to know about the afterlife? Click play and hear more!

In This Episode

  • What is the difference between a medium and a psychic, and why do people decide to work with them?
  • The evidence that pushed Bob over the edge from skeptic to believer!
  • The difference between evidence and proof of the afterlife.
  • The value of becoming your own afterlife investigator.
  • What are “hits and misses”, and why it’s not the best way to measure an experience with a medium.
  • Does intuition play a role in communicating with spirit?


“You gotta have a reading yourself”

“Sometimes it’s those tiny, smallest little things that are the most sacred to you and the best evidence”

“Proof is subjective”

“If you’re not aware of what they signs are, you could just be overlooking them very easily”

“My truth is not your truth”

“It’s just nice to have that information out there”

“We’re all getting intuitive guidance every single day, we have just never been trained to listen to it”

“Life is about experiences”


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