How To Use Your Intuition To Make Big Changes In Your Life - Episode #159

One of the goals you may have with your intuition is to use it to tell you how to make big changes in your life. Whether it's finding a soul mate, or tell you what your dream job is and where to find it, or just how to find the best treatment or supplement to cure your health problem. We all seek that one answer. If the magic of intuition that can save your life or find you treasure that you might miss, why not use it with deliberate intention to make big changes in your life. You can make big changes in your life with your intuition. But, how to do it may surprise you. Listen in and find out more.

Lisa K., PhD, is a teacher, author and speaker specializing in intuition. Founder of Developing Your Intuition, and considered an intuition expert, Lisa has taught hundreds of people intuition development in workshops and seminars.  Her public appearances reach people around the world through guest speaking, online media and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth” on everyday spirituality.  Learn more about Lisa K. and receive a free Intuition eBook at: