How To Use Your Intuition Every Day - Episode #164

I was asked a very interesting question the other day on a radio interview. One of the listeners wanted to know what it was like to be highly intuitive every day all the time.  When you work with your intuition you can build confidence in it, I trust that it will support me reliably in any situation. Here's how you can do it too!

Here's the relaxation meditation I talk about during the show, you can get it here:

Here's my student Fred's Academy Award intuition story:

Hi Lisa, Just thought I'd share this with you. So I was watching the Oscar Awards last night with my girlfriend, Barb. We usually try to guess the winners, and based on the press it was getting, both of us were convinced that La La Land would win best picture. As the contenders for that category were being announced, I told Barb that I just got a strong flash that Moonlight, a movie that neither of us thought had a a chance of winning, was going to win. It felt visceral and certain. When La La Land was announced as the winner a voice in my head said, “how could that be…you were so sure”. Well, you know the rest. When it was announced that there had been a mistake and Moonlight was the actual winner, I had a sense of recognition and yelled “I knew it”! I almost fell off my chair! HaHa! – Fred

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