How to Make Better Decisions Using Your Intuition - Episode #210

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon has said that all of his best decisions in business and life were made with heart, intuition and guts. In this transmission of Between Heaven and Earth, our lovely host Lisa K shares her experience with making business decisions intuitively instead of using analysis. She discerns major differences between your thinking mind and your intuitive mind. Lisa also gives 3 simple tips to help you get your intuition involved in your decision making process. She believes that anyone can use their intuition to begin making better decisions in their life, and business, they just need to know what to look for! Tune in and figure out how to harness your intuition today!

In This Episode
  • Following your intuition at key moments in your career
  • Intuition plays into success in a very big way
  • How intuition can cut through the muddled mess of your thinking mind
  • Can intuition play a part in your decision making process?

“My intuition was giving me a signal when opportunities came up”

“For the first time, my business started to grow and have significant results”

“He knew in his gut he needed to do this and he admitted he was scared”

“It’s a biological fact that we all have intuition”

“You can make business breakthroughs simply by getting your intuition involved in your business decisions”


About Lisa K.

Lisa K., PhD, is a teacher, author and speaker specializing in intuition. Founder of Developing Your Intuition, and considered an intuition expert, Lisa has taught hundreds of people intuition development in workshops and seminars.  Her public appearances reach people around the world through guest speaking, online media and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth” on everyday spirituality. Learn more about intuition and sign up for weekly intuition tips at: