How to lose weight and be more intuitive – guest Oonagh Duncan – Episode #355


What does losing weight and building a stronger intuition have to do with each other? A lot. Both take working towards a goal that sometimes seems a little hard to catch. How do you get to your goal of having a stronger intuition or lose those 10 pounds or more with ease and speed? Listen in to find out.

Oonagh Duncan is a multi-award-winning fitness expert, author of the international bestselling book Ditch The Diet, which was just named one of the top 100 Fitness Books of All Time by Book Authority.  In it, Oona helps people get healthy and happy through a habits-based approach. Oona is the founder of the Feel Good Movement, which recognizes that fitness is not about a number on a scale – it's about feeling good.

Go get Oonagh’s book: Ditch the Diet: The 7 Essential Habits You Need to Get Lean, Stay Healthy, and Generally Kick Ass at Life (Self-Improvement Wellness Book to Change Your Mindset and Develop Healthy Habits for Life)

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Her podcast is: Goals, Grit and Some Woo Woo Shit

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