How to Know If That Funny Feeling Is Your Intuition - Episode #238

Have you ever gotten a funny feeling about something? Did you know it was your intuition or was it something that you felt you couldn’t explain? How did that feeling turn out? In this week’s episode of Between Heaven and Earth, Lisa is talking about that exact phenomenon! She’s getting into how you can differentiate an intuitive feeling, from just a regular upset stomach or nerves. She also shares stories on how she first became aware of her gut feelings and that they were tied to people, and not just events. She also shares insight and strategy on how to further develop your ability to recognize and be aware of your intuition!

In This Episode

  • I’m having this feeling, and it bothers me, is it my intuition?
  • The differences between physical and emotional feelings.
  • How does our mind sabotage our intuition?
  • Is it intuition or is it something you ate?
  • The best way to train yourself to recognize your intuition.


“Feelings are probably the most common way people experience intuition”

“Intuition comes to us as either a physical feeling, or an emotional feeling”

“Our minds usually corrupt the feeling with trying to attach meaning to it”

“We have the same number of neurotransmitters in our gut as we do in our brain”

“You want to separate your feelings from your thinking”


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About Lisa K.

Lisa K., PhD, is a teacher, author and speaker specializing in intuition. Founder of Developing Your Intuition, and considered an intuition expert, Lisa has taught hundreds of people intuition development in workshops and seminars.  Her public appearances reach people around the world through guest speaking, online media and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth” on everyday spirituality. Learn more about intuition and sign up for weekly intuition tips at: