How To Answer Your Love Questions Using Intuition Tools - Episode #131

In searching for that right someone, trying to find your soul mate you don’t want to make a mistake and all the pain and discomfort that comes with a break up.  Where do you start looking? Or maybe someone you just met seems really into you, and you seem to like them too, are you picking up the right vibe from them? Are they right for you? You wonder, “Am I going after them for the right reasons?” will they be “the one.” You want to make good decisions when it comes to romance. When we don’t hear our intuition clearly, we can't get clear all knowing answer from our higher self. The only way to connect to your higher self is through your intuition. Your intuition is the direct channel that knows what is best for you. Using intuition tools you can get intuitive information quickly and when you want. Intuition tools will give you the answers to your love questions.