How Thinking Can Change Your Life with David Bennett - Episode #216

Have you been thinking about spiritual communication? Welcome to another episode of Between Heaven and Earth! Today, Lisa welcomes David Bennett to the show to discuss his book: A Voice As Old As Time. He shares who the book is for, what it’s meant to do for the reader, and how to use the tools and techniques shared in it. This talk delves deep into the idea that inspiration, gratitude and acceptance can greatly improve your connection to spirit, and make communication with it so much easier. David also talks about how he was able to find his soul family, and how communicating with them came to be something he could do when he needed to. If spiritual communication and divine interconnection are of interest to you, then this episode, and this book, are definitely worth checking out!

In This Episode

  • David explains how he began having conversations with Spirit, and experiencing divine interconnection.
  • How inspiration plays a significant role in communicating with Spirit.
  • Using techniques that spirit gives you to live a happier, better life.
  • David takes us through a contemplation and shows us how to do it for ourselves. 
  • Thinking about things without judgement, and giving life everything you have.


“If it wasn’t fact, I really didn’t subscribe to it”

“We all have this divine interconnection”

“Inspiration is the doorway to spirit communication”

“Acceptance of ourself is critical in our spiritual development”

“Do not underestimate yourself. Put everything you have into this life”


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