Early Warning Signs in Relationships and What To Do – guest Emily Gough – Episode #354

Relationships are hard. People are hard. What is she thinking? Why can’t I get him to listen to me? Why are they acting this way? And then they do it. The thing you didn’t expect. What now…? I once swore off people a long time ago. But I didn’t realize how important my relationships with my partner, friends, family and everyone else truly is. Then I discovered that the reason we have trouble with relationships comes down to a few key things. My guest, Emily Gough, is going to tell you all about them. So, listen in!

Emily Gough – Human Connection & Transformational Coach
Emily is a human connection coach, writer, speaker and host/founder of the respected top 200 Room to Grow™ Podcast. Fueled by insatiable curiosity for the nuance and complexities of relationships and the human experience, she takes a holistic mind/body approach using the psychology and physiology of emotions to give you the guidance, real-life tools and perspective you need to take ownership of your life, revolutionize your relationship to yourself, and create thriving connections with others.

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She's also the host of the Room to Grow™ Podcast

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