3 Steps to Making a Better Decision – Episode #279

Do you have a tough decision to make? Are you having a difficult time deciding which path to take? You weigh out the pros and cons of each, but you’re torn between which one to choose.

We’ve all been faced with moments when we desperately want to make the right decision—whether it’s moving to another city, (or in my case to another country!), choosing whether or not to have a risky medical procedure, or deciding how to help your child having trouble in school. It could be a decision about anything really.

There are times in your life when making the right decision is crucial. During these times, you’ll want to know that you’ll choose the path that will lead to the best results. You want to feel not just that you’re making the right decision, but also that the Universe supports you and “has your back.”

How do you know the decision you make will be a good one, and that you won’t regret it? Here are the 3 steps you can take to make the best decision.

The best decisions are made with all the best resources available to you. Meaning using both information and intuition. You already know how to collect information. Here’s how use your intuition resource.

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