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have a sneaking feeling you’re going to love this episode. Hey! Maybe that’s my intuition!? You ever feel like you know something but you don’t know how you know it? According to Lisa K, this is actually intuition, and it is information coming from the right side of your brain.

Guest on Room To Grow Podcast with Emily Gough

IN THIS EPISODE We’re Talking About: The science behind intuition and how Lisa developed her intuition training. The scientific characteristics of intuition. Why executives, mathematicians and fighter pilots practice and use intuition. The difference between intuition and thinking. The difference between intuition and anxiety. Techniques for recognizing and triggering intuition. How to practice intuitive abilities.

Guest on Unboxable Podcast with Alena Turley

 IN THIS EPISODE: Accessing the sea of energy that makes up everything and connects us to intuitive information
– How energy follows thought and naturally flows from our being – The power of day-dreaming for calling in desired outcomes – Understanding that the universe wants what you want – The power of clear requests followed by letting them go

Guest on Woman in the Middle Podcast with Suzy Rosenstein

 IN THIS EPISODE: How you can use intuition to make better decisions in midlife. Why it’s common to fail to recognize intuition yourself. What the relationship is between intuition and science. How to develop your intuition. How to trust yourself more with your intuition. How following your interests and your gut, your intuition, can lead to a fulfilling career.

“Using Intuition to Make Better Decisions in Midlife” –  2021

Guest on Marketing Your Business Podcast with Stu McLaren

Decision making shows up in all areas of our lives and everyday we are making hundreds of little (and sometimes BIG) decisions. This episode is with Lisa K., a renowned expert on intuition, and during today’s interview we explore how it impacts our decision making (and how to use it to make better decisions).

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Lisa teaches others how to predictably trust their intuition to make incredible decisions in business and life. She gives her students a chance to practice something others might find woo-woo or weird in order to change their outlook and cultivate what some even call a superpower.

“How Lisa K Built a Business Around Teaching Others How to Trust Their Intuition” –  2021

Guest on Mums with Hustle Podcast with Tracy Harris

Today, we’re going to talk about power of intuition and how to access this very natural and biological part of us that help us overcome fears, doubts, and inability to make decisions… And ultimately use this way of thinking to make powerful decisions that grow our business.

Guest on The Empowered Woman Podcast with Marta Spirk

Using Your INTUITION in Life & Business with LISA K. Intuition expert with a background in psychobiology and metaphysics, Lisa shares how trusting yourself takes practice and is easier than you think.

“Using Your Intuition in Life & Business” –  January 8, 2021

Guest on Inspired Conversations

In this podcast you will learn: How to develop intuition – Know the Characteristics of Intuition, Actively work on Developing it, Get results you can validate, and Learn the common characteristics of intuition – symbols, pictures or part of a picture, no language, maybe a word or two, feelings.

Guest on Beyond Reality Radio

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest Lisa K., PhD to talk about her work in studying and mastering intuition. Lisa offers an explanation of how and why we have intuition and she offers guidance on how we can better develop and better use it to improve our lives.

“What is your “intuition” and how can you use it to better your life?” –  September 21, 2017

Guest on Inside Personal Growth

When was the last time you had a strong gut feeling about something, or that little voice inside was whispering in your ear?  How would you like to access that intuition on demand? I recently had the pleasure of interviewing author Lisa K about her new book.  In our interview together Lisa provides easy to use techniques that when practiced will allow you to access your intuition more frequently and with greater levels of reliability.

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Ever wished for your intuition to kick in when you wanted it to, or use it for what you want rather than have it happen randomly? Maybe you want to get more detailed and clear information from your intuition? Or you find it hard to trust your intuition because you think you might be making it all up?

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For most people intuition is random and elusive – we get a gut feeling about something or someone but we’re often not sure whether to trust it. Sometimes we act on those intuitive senses and sometimes we regret not having ‘listened’ when we should have. What if there was a way to recognize, harness and refine those gut feelings, that we often call our sixth sense, so that we can improve our decision-making and our lives?

Guest on Empower Radio with Tammi Baliszewski

Our greatest challenges and opportunities for soul growth come in the areas of relationships, career, money and health. If you would like to access tools to help inform and guide you in these areas, Dr. Lisa K. reveals wisdom and empowering techniques to support you in relaxing more into your authentic power and sense of safety in the world.

“Intuition on Demand with Lisa K.”  –  July 6, 2017

“How Intuition Can Improve (and Possibly Save) Your Life With Dr. Lisa K” –  July 13, 2017

Guest on Destination Unlimited, host Victor Fuhrman –

Did you ever have a “gut feeling” about something that resulted in your changing your plans or actions? In a conversation with someone, did you ever hear an inner voice tell you not to trust that person or that the person was being completely honest. Have you ever felt an attraction to a person, place or thing and was not sure why. Every one of us has experienced these intuitive flashes, sometimes acting upon them and sometimes not. What if there was a way that you could not only develop your intuition but learn to trust it personally and even professionally? My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Lisa K., says there is a way!

“Develop Your Intuition with Lisa K.” –  June 28, 2017

Guest on Sue Lundquist's Gratitude Cafe

Create the personal and professional life you’ve always desired with practical tools and inspiration with Sue Lundquist and her expert guests. Juicy stuff happening on the Radio today. We are talking intuition however this is going to be more linear conversation…Lisa K holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, PsychoBiology from the State of New York and PhD from Metaphysical Sciences.

Guest on Jim Harold's The Other Side

AngelTalkCafeJoyBarkerGuest on Joy Barker's Angel Talk Cafe – Lisa K. (Intuition Expert), joins Joy in the Café to discuss her new Book “Intuition On Demand”.  Intuition On Demand provides a step-by-step technique that is a down to earth, tangible process that makes sense to people.

“Intuition On Demand with Lisa K.” –   June 12, 2017

Guest on Soulful Living with Terri Williams -If you have ever wondered about your intuitive abilities, this episode is for you. Lisa K. offers a few ways to help find, develop and fine tune your intuition into one of the most powerful tools for life.

“This was great… I wasn't able to access the June 12 session but I heard the one with Lisa K! Fantastic!” – Jg Bryant, via Facebook

AngelTalkCafeJoyBarkerGuest on Angel Talk Cafe – Joining Joy and Dan today is Lisa K., creator of the Developing Your Intuition system and co-author of Grow Your Spiritual Business. Once a successful executive for Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Asia, Lisa teaches spiritual entrepreneurs how to improve their businesses with a variety of simple but proven strategies.

Lisa K on Patricia Raskin ShowGuest on The Patricia Raskin Show – broadcasting on 630AM 99.7FM WPRO Boston
Tune in when Patricia interviews, Lisa K., co-author of Grow Your Spiritual Business, How to Build a Business in the Internet Age. She will discuss a step-by-step guide to starting and growing a business quickly and effectively in the age of the Internet and she will show budding entrepreneurs how to capture the attention of their customers and keep them.

“Grow Your Spiritual Business” – Dec. 12, 2015

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“Shine On: Kacey’s Health and Happiness Show” is about finding balance in your life, improving your health, helping your family,building your dreams, and giving to your community. The show airs Sunday mornings at 6:30 am on 100.7 WHUD.

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“Connecting With Spirits – OM Times 30 Day Challenge” – May 20, 2013

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“The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Part 2” – Jan. 23, 2013

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“The Intuition App – Discovering and Developing your own ‘Intuition App' For Happiness, Success and Life Mastery.” – April 30, 2013

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