Spiritual-business-bookGrow Your Spiritual Business

How to Start and Build Your Spiritual Business in the Internet Age

by Cindy Griffith and Lisa K. PhD

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Ways you will realize immediate benefits from using this book.

1/ Grow Your Spiritual Business can demystify where to begin by showing you resources and easy start up steps that don’t cost a lot of money and time.

2/ Supercharge your business by leveraging the Internet’s marketing power, Grow Your Spiritual Business is packed with simple “get started” online tools.

3/ Grow Your Spiritual Business shows you how to use the Internet to reach more customers faster, be more engaged with them and keep them longer.

4/ Discover how to build your business fast and look professional using tips and time savers found in Grow Your Spiritual Business.

5/ Grow Your Spiritual Business is like hiring your own spiritual marketing consultant to give you business ideas that are designed specifically for the Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Grow Your Spiritual Business takes you from the first steps of deciding where to work, what to charge, and how to build an Internet presence to keeping the clients coming back again and again.

No other book talks about how to use Internet Marketing in your Spiritual Business and has two authors who are successful in selling, marketing and driving both traditional corporate and spiritual businesses.

Grow Your Spiritual Business explains the how to get your business started in terms that spiritual business practitioners can understand.

Lisa approaches marketing in a way that most spiritual business entrepreneurs can relate to using “Attract, Resonate and Synergize” to explain the sales and marketing process which avoids the pushy sales approach that can clash with sensitive readers.

Grow Your Spiritual Business takes a more down to earth and straightforward approach towards building businesses that makes this book easier to follow than other ‘spiritually based’ books on this topic.

Stop spinning your wheels with outdated marketing techniques. Grow Your Spiritual Business gives you all you need to make the most of your valuable time so you can get to work on what really matters, helping others.


Do you find yourself going to work, but your heart is not in it?

Do you long to do something with your life that is worthwhile and helps others?

Do wish you could live your life’s purpose and make a difference in the world?

Now is the best time to start and grow your own spiritual business. Never before has it been easier and faster to set up your own spiritual or holistic business so you can fulfill your dream of touching other’s lives in a positive way.

Even if you don’t know where to begin, the starting steps are easy.  Already have a business but need help? Learn how to fix any missteps, while re-energizing and accelerating your business growth. A strong and profitable business does not mean throwing out your spirituality. You just need to know the most effective steps to take, whether you are just starting or you already have a business.

Grow Your Spiritual Business will be your step-by-step guide to start and grow your business quickly and effectively. You’ll find out how to:

  • Launch your spiritual business quickly and professionally
  • Get your spiritual business noticed so it captures attention and brings in customers
  • Remove your blocks and resistance to making money
  • Create and keep a stream of customers that will keep your cash flow going
  • Use spiritual marketing and the power of the Internet to reach more people

Lisa’s core spiritual marketing concept of “Attract, Resonate and Synergize” can grow your customer base and create a sustainable business stream through attracting the perfect customers who strongly resonate with your message and synergize with you to come back again and again. Spiritual marketing has the power and reach to elevate your business to a new level where you can grow your business effectively while maintaining your spiritual outlook.

With the power of the Internet you can now reach thousands of people who are specifically looking for your spiritual services and products, in an instant and more easily than ever before. The number of people worldwide with access to the Internet today is 2.8 Billion. You can now reach more of those potential customers around the world.

Cindy’s down to earth and practical, well-honed spiritual business acumen has led her to be an international success in her spiritual business.  Her no-nonsense approach to business will break down the process in an easy hands-on non-technical way.

Both Lisa and Cindy come from traditional business backgrounds, which allow them to offer you practical, grounded advice without compromising the spiritual values that are important to your business.

Lisa has a strong 25+ year background in technology and marketing and sales, driving multi-millions of dollars in revenue for corporations internationally and now runs her own successful spiritual business as an author, speaker and seminar leader reaching thousands around the world online and in-person.

Cindy offers her 20+ years of experience in a spiritual business to balance the technical suggestions with some time trusted, more personal and less technical recommendations for those businesses who are not looking to embrace some of the newer advances.

Together they offer you a balanced approach to making your business a success without losing the spiritual focus found at the core of your business.  As your business grows, you will continue to use the advice and tips you find in Grow Your Spiritual Business and it will be your ‘go to’ spiritual business guide for years to come.


From metaphysics to mindset and marketing, this comprehensive bible of business growth packs more than a week-long workshop, and in an easy-to-understand format. The authors share their secrets of success based on personal, in-the-trenches experience as working practitioners. I enthusiastically recommend this book to any mind-body-spirit practitioner from beginner to advanced. Bob Olson, founder of BestPsychicDirectory.com & author of Answers About The Afterlife


Insightful.  Comprehensive.  In this new age of internet business management, Grow Your Spiritual Business by Cindy Griffith and Lisa K. offers a proactive and informative guide that can help you navigate your spiritual business to true prosperity.  It’s a must have book for your collection.  Simply employ the tools they suggest and watch your business flourish. Roland Comtois, Spiritual Medium, Author of “And Then There Was Heaven” and “16 Minutes”


This book couldn’t have come at a better time. I am currently transitioning my 30-year old business to an on-line-only format. It was very quickly into the book that I had to run and get the highlighter! Not only does this book hold a tremendous abundance of solid and timely business advice, but reading it is like sitting in a café with some good friends who just happen to be masters at taking your business to the next level. I can’t think of any business transition topic this book doesn’t address!  Dory Dzinski, Licensed Professional Counselor and Editor/Publisher Door Opener Magazine  


I wish I had read Grow Your Spiritual Business before I started my business!  Lisa and Cindy offer the beginner entrepreneur solid, honest, and grounded advice based on real life experience. This book marries the spiritual and the practical aspects of starting your own Spiritual Business. Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM Owner and Director of The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center


I was thoroughly impressed by the scope of this comprehensive book!  It is timely and strategic, yet flexible enough to mold to any industry or business type.  The authors provide a step-by-step roadmap for creating an environment for the Spirit to move in your business AND in the audience you will attract and serve.  Grow Your Spiritual Business answers the “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How” of starting and running a spiritual business using no tech, low tech, internet marketing strategies, and social media.  Most importantly, this book answers the questions surrounding money vs. spirituality, and how to price your product or service.  If you are seeking to be more spiritually authentic in starting or growing your business with courage, power, and confidence; this is the book for you! Jacqueline Grant, Business Consultant, Professional Development Trainer, Author, and Coach The Management Academy


It is said that ‘time is money.’ When it comes to business these words can be even truer, which is what makes “Grow Your Spiritual Business” a very valuable book. We get the benefit of two knowledgeable perspectives in one place: Lisa K’s focus on time management that is grounded in spirituality in Chapter 3, with Cindy Griffith’s encouragement to take advantage of even the smallest chunks of time, makes this book the wise and insightful choice for the conscious business operator in current marketplace. Kathy Custren, Senior Editor, OMTimes Magazine


I truly love the practical and down-to-earth approach to create a running business in the book “Grow Your Spiritual Business” by Cindy Griffith and Lisa K. Even if I did not know the book several years ago, I used very similar tools to grow mine – and I can tell you, it works! This book is definitely a must-read for everyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur! Isabelle von Fallois, author of “The Power of Your Angels” and founder of the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training


Marketing a spiritual business still seems to be an oxymoron even in these modern times. However, the percentage of businesses that have a spiritual orientation is greater than we think. Cindy and Lisa's book – Grow Your Spiritual Business, integrates the wisdom of traditional marketing with the wisdom of universal principles: essentially, take your fears, put them on the shelf, and create your business using what you know and practice as a spiritual individual – practice what you preach. Grow Your Spiritual Business is a fabulous book, which will give you the staying power to create-with the universe as your copilot, a conscious and thriving service to the world.  Dr. Rosie Kuhn author of The ABCs of Spirituality in Business


I spent thousands of dollars and well over 6 years gleaning all the information that is presented in this book.  Fortunately, you won't have to invest all the time and money that I did when building my business and practice.  In Grow Your Spiritual Business: How to Build a Business in the Internet Age, Cindy and Lisa take you step-by-step through each step of creating, building and promoting your business with heart.  So many spiritual businesses fail because they don't have a plan.  Cindy and Lisa set you up with the plan and tools for success. Martha G. Blessing, RN Author, Speaker, Healer, Coach www.marthablessing.com


Here is a must-read book for those who are truly ready to succeed in their spiritually oriented businesses. We loved the concept of this book and both authors do follow-through on their promise to deliver down-to-earth, abundant and hugely useful information.  Michael J & Raphaelle Tamura, Michael Tamura Seminars & Star of Peace Publishing


Grow Your Own Spiritual Business is a well-written primer for ANY passionately driven start-up service business. Cindy Griffith and Lisa K provide a comprehensive exploration of the steps needed to start and then make successful a spiritually based business. Beginning with identifying your Unique Selling Proposition, crafting your elevator speech and identifying your potential clients, the authors take the reader through all of components necessary for building a business, with helpful tips each step of the way.  For established businesses, the authors offer guidance and how-to hints for maintaining the synergy and keeping clients coming back. The book is user friendly – readable all the way through or in sections, according to the issues faced by the business owner. The Table of Contents is a tool in and of itself, functioning both as a practical guide for organizing the many facets of running a business and a reference for guiding growth.  One of the many benefits of the books is the reassurance that even if the main goal of a business is to help others, it is still ok to make a profit from your passion.  In fact, it is imperative that the business make money or you will no longer be able to afford to serve others. From soup to nuts the book is comprehensive help in budgeting and balancing all your resources, including money and your time, to help you launch and maintain a successful business. Jane F. Collen, author of The Enjella® Adventure Series


What I liked about Grow Your Spiritual Business is that it contains a mix of really practical business advice with an overall spiritual slant. It is not enough to be successful at business if one loses oneself in the process. This book offer business advice but also at each juncture reminds the reader about how to combine a successful business with a fulfilling life.  The book is not long but it is packed with meaningful advice on how to find the time to focus on one's true self notwithstanding the frenetic pace of a person who is focused on running a successful business.   Susan Riley – Consumer Products and Retail CFO


Grow Your Spiritual Business provides comprehensive, in-depth blueprints for the spiritual practitioner to successfully start and maintain a profitable business.  With compelling vignettes from the authors’ professional experiences, this book covers all bases in how-to develop a prosperous spiritual business.  Frank Martin Don LLC  – Professional Astrologer



This book is a spiritual business owner’s guide to the galaxy of success.  Grow Your Spiritual Business distinguishes itself from the plethora of other self-help books on growing your own business by its simple, no-nonsense, easy to read writing style and the well organized logical flow of the contents of the book, which carry readers gently and lovingly, step by step from the dream of owning your own Spiritual Business to the reality of promoting the business and continuing to grow it once it has been established.  These authors embody qualities of both the academic and practitioner.  The spiritual business tips sprinkled throughout every chapter consolidate important points and share advice based on many years of their collective experience with readers, suggesting that there are those who can do, and can teach.  With this book, Cindy Griffith and Lisa K. teach business owners how to transform their dreams of launching a spiritual business into a practical, money-making reality here on earth.  Instead of merging their voices and perspectives, each author maintains their unique perspective throughout the book enhancing the complexity and diversity of the wisdom, advice, and suggestions presented along the way and allowing the reader to obtain a more comprehensive view of the material.  This book is an indispensible manual for spiritually based business owners overflowing with down to earth, and practical advice shared eloquently.  It elevates the very mundane experience of reading any book into a distinctly “spiritual” experience when reading this book. “Grow Your Spiritual Business” by Cindy Griffith and Lisa K. is a MUST read for every person engaged in running their own business whether it is spiritually based or not.  Lesley Teitelbaum, Ph.D



No Matter how great your gifts, or how much training you have, until you learn the art of conscious business and marketing, you might as well be Picasso with a garage full of paintings no one sees. If you are serious about offering yourself in service at your highest potential, mastering conscious business and marketing is essential.  In Grow Your Spiritual Business, Cindy and Lisa offer you the intricate details of how they turned their gifts and passions into successful businesses. This practical guide to conscious business and marketing is the road-map you need to create a forum in which you can offer your gifts to the world.  You deserve success through your passion and the world deserves the blessings you have to offer. Grow Your Spiritual Business gives you all the tools you need to make this happen.  Sheila Applegate MSW, Conscious Life Coach, Author of Enchanted One



Cindy and Lisa present a beautiful structure to create a magnificent and successful grounded practice.  If you want a business helping others that is based on well-balanced clarity and humility then this book is for you.  It also does a magnificent job of resonating the importance of time management and proper motivating tips to assist over the big picture of your career. This wonderful book is inspired by a myriad of life experiences. It is presented in a marvelous and impactful way. From start to finish this is an exceptional road map to a clear vision for a professional rooted healthy business practice.  There are so many great tips that it more than pays for itself from the wise sagely advice.  These testaments are a blessing and can create harmony and grace in your business.  Inspiring a foundation that center from the true heart and grows to abundance and success.  David Grover – Occupational and Massage Therapist


What a great book! Having been a Psychic Medium and making my living this way for over 30 years, I can only say I wish I'd had this information a long time ago! The authors are clearly highly experienced and well equipped to give the newbies, and the old hands, plenty of guidance and advice about having a successful business in the New Age, holistic and Spiritual fields. I was particularly impressed by the advice about starting and keeping your database, as this is crucial to success. I didn't start out right and have regretted it ever since! You'll also find wonderful insight about marketing, using referrals and social media, and answers to questions about getting paid, creating your Facebook page and website, and so much more. The book is written in a very conversational style, as if you're sitting and have a wonderful Q&A session with these professionals, and it's easy to read and refer back to. I highly recommend this book! 5 Stars!  Debra Crossman www.DebraJCrossmanPsychicMedium.com 


Grow Your Spiritual Business is like hiring your own spiritual marketing consultant, helping you increase the spirit of life for yourself and others.  Susan Anderson, author of Taming Your Outer Child


Operating a spiritual business is more about being of service to others and helping to make the world a better place rather than the bottom line.  Cindy and Lisa bring up many helpful points.  Lisa writes, “We must remember that in our service to others there is no competition because we are all working toward one goal:  helping to make the world a better place.”  And Cindy adds, “Other spiritual businesses are not your competition but your allies.”  If you can only remember these wise words, you will be well on your way to success.  Josie Varga Author of Visits from Heaven and Divine Visits www.josievarga.com


This book is a blessings to those who are both starting their business and as someone like me who has been in business for 16 years! My most treasured section of this book is the Mastering Time Management.  Having gone from a two full time career (corporate position and massage practice) to being retired and doing my massage practice exclusively, it took some time to navigate the ins and outs.  Had I read this at the beginning of that process, I sure would have done it differently! Scheduling time with myself is a key factor for not burning yourself out. Cindy and Lisa have great strategies and personal insights into all of the pitfall areas of business. This book is a MUST for anyone deciding to go into business for themselves or if already in business to enhance their current practices. Marti M, Massage Therapist


This book is an essential guide to the ups and downs of becoming a spiritual business owner. On the spiritual journey, the pathway is wrought with challenges and tests that could be either stop you in your tracks or create the next opportunity to blossom into who you are becoming.  Developing a spiritual business is no different. Cindy and Lisa have given you a gift of foresight to avoid the tiger pits that are hidden along the path. Christopher Gilbert MS, LMT – Holistic Healer for 22 years


“Grow Your Spiritual Business; How To Build a Business in the Internet Age” by Cindy Griffith and Lisa K. PhD, is not only well written but because of the way the two authors speak to the reader and sometimes to each other keeps the topics moving along. The topics are well organized and give the beginner plenty to contemplate and the person who has been in business a long time some ideas that will stimulate new business. This book may have been written for those in the Spiritual business but can certainly pertain to any one in any business or starting up a business as long as they have “Spirit.” Georgia E. Warren, Metaphysical Times