Prayer Board

Painting Collection: Angel

Prayer Board


I have asked all the legions of angels under Archangel Michael’s command to pray perpetually for those whose names are listed here. I add my prayers and ask those of you who visit this page to contribute your prayers as well.


If you would like to add a name to this prayer board please send your request through our contact form.



Sheryl H.

Julie W.

Diana N. & Family/Canada

Tessa W.

Nichole H.

Jonathan C.

Bhavesh, India

Richard B. 

The Shedrick Family

The Daniels Family

The Childs/Menion Family

Cathy W. 


Baby Owen

Wanda H.

Vic Ferguson and Mirza

Larisa W.


Bereaved Military Mothers


Becky in Amsterdam, Hadley and his family, Alex and his family and Tony, Pauline, Ali and Family.

Gabriella, her family and Caroline, Darrel, Laura and Daniel.

Scott S.

Michael J., Bricey J., Lois F.

Kristy T.

Gwen F.

Chris F.

Symala K.

Sasank K.

Poornima K.


Scott, Goose Creek, SC 


Annaleese Ariel M.

Migdalia C.

Ani S.

Sandra A. R.

Rosa Maria R.

Yvette R.

Talisa C.

Hayley-Maree Litt

Anissa B

Victoria C.

Jacek Cybulski

Jocelyn E.,

Stephen B., NY

Janie G.  

Felicia K. 

Marisa B.

Tameko B.

Corr W. 

Catherine W.

Lisa B. 

Remi L.

Mary, Theresa and family, NJ

Frank D.,NY

Laura H., NY

Mary, Peter, Franklin, NY

Trude, Louis, Rose and Spike. 

Rick, Diana, Cas and Alex.

Helen R.

Susan S. and Elizabeth S.

Greg S.

Frank and family


Mariette Ligot

Allyson, NY.

Annaleese Ariel Munoz

Millie Munoz

Lillian Joe’s Mom

Martha Ruiz

Luisa Tatis

Carlos Valenzuela

Mary N., CT

Yvette G.

Marge, NY

Natale, NY

Lisa, FL

Scott, FL

Dawn, FL

Janine, NJ

Mary Jane, NJ

Paul, Pa

Stacey, PA

Mark, NJ

Rafaela, NY

Michael B.,Albany

Joseph, AZ

Tina, MS

AnnaBelle, MS

Nancy, IL

Ana, California

Annie G. 

Sheryle and Alex

Chase T., Alabama


Nancy, Ohio

Johanna, Carmen, Sol, Juan

Georges Ugeux

Frank H., AZ

Krystal, NY

Mich and B

Tom Giger


Shirley, CT


Linda C.

Miguel V.

Lissette B.

Judith B.

Ivan, Pennsylvania

Kay, Illinois

Gabriel, Georgia

Tess, California

Danae, Arizona

Robert, New York

Myriam, France

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