Your Intuition is Sending You A Message... Did you miss it?

There was mold in my fireplace. I was walking through my living room, and glancing across the fireplace, I noticed on top of the old ashes left from long ago burnt wood was something glistening white which looked fuzzy to me. Sort of like the mold you’d find on stale bread.

I thought, “What??? How could there be mold in my fireplace? …Oh no, it must be moist in there!” But why? I went over to the small fireplace glass doors that covered the front and opened them. About a cup full of water dripped down from the frame onto the floor. Omigosh! I have a leak in the chimney! Needless to say, I called someone right away to help fix it and put a bucket under the now dripping leak since the doors were no longer closed.

Then I realized something. I’d seen that white stuff in the ashes in the past, was it really mold? I went back to double check, opened the doors again to the fireplace, removed the bucket and this time with a flashlight looked at the white stuff. It wasn’t mold. It was just white ashes. Why did I think it was mold? Why did it seem brighter and fuzzy to me like mold? It was a message from my intuition to say, “Hey, look here, there’s a problem!”

Your intuition is always talking to you and sending you messages. Most often, as you might suspect, we miss them. We don’t know they’re there or we ignore them. Sometimes we know it’s telling us something but we don’t know what it is.

It may be something you’ve seen over and over again, but this time it looks a little different.

The key is knowing what the characteristics of intuition are so you can recognize them. You then practice using your intuition with a technique on specific intuition exercises so you know what it’s like to experience intuition. Then when an intuitive message comes by you are conditioned and ready to notice it and respond.

Your intuition may guide you to look at something where you realize you’re looking at it a bit longer than usual. Or you hear something that catches your attention briefly. It could be a few words of an overheard conversation. It could be a feeling. One of my long time students told me how one winter day he had the “sense of a freezing pipe” so he went to check the boiler and discovered it had stopped working because the fuel line was frozen!

I noticed the “mold” in my fireplace because I’ve developed my awareness of the subtle messages intuition gives you. I’ve conditioned my awareness, my mind, to notice the way intuition sends me messages. You can too! If you work to develop your intuition, which is really developing your skill in working with your intuition, you will condition your mind and senses to notice when it’s talking to you. After that you may find you can call on your intuition “on demand,” or that when your intuition sends you a message out of the blue, you don’t miss it.

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