Which ability would you rather have: Predicting the Future or Telepathy?

What is the number one thing that people go to psychics to ask? Yep, they want to know the future. People want to know what will happen to them, whether they’ll find a soul mate, will they get that dream job or be promoted, will they be successful, will their health improve.

But when I asked people whether they would rather be able to predict the future or have telepathy themselves, their answer was very interesting. Overwhelmingly, they wanted telepathy. Why don’t people want to be able to predict the future?

Your intuition is like magic and can give you information about the future, or what someone else is thinking, and more. You don’t need to worry that it will tell you scary things about your future or bombard you with crazy thoughts someone else has. Most often it will be guiding you and making you aware of information that can help guide you.

Your intuition will also give you information that you can handle, particularly if you do not want to know certain things. You can just tell your intuition not to show you what you don’t want. For example, if you don’t want to know the future, then tell your intuition not to show you the future. You can just make an intention that your intuition, not give you that information.

Can you be telepathic? Yes, you can. Your intuition can pick up lots of information about what someone else is thinking, feeling or knowing. You can use your intuition to get that information about anyone. Proximity is not important, you can pick up information near or far away from someone.

Which would you rather have, the ability to predict the future or telepathy?

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