What Mantra Do You Use to Calm Yourself Down?

I receive lots of questions through email and I thought I’d answer them here for you since many people asked the same question. In one of my blog posts I talked about my being a little anxious being in the MRI machine for over 40 minutes. I used a mantra meditation that I always use to calm myself down and get rid of my anxiety. That meditation is also a good way to improve your connection to your intuition.

Question: What mantra do you use to help calm yourself down when you were in the MRI machine?

I actually have a few, but the one I used was “Ham Sa,” because it’s so simple and powerful. It is called the Natural Mantra because it is the mantra of All That Is.

Ham Sa means, “I am That.” What is That? Well, you can look at it as; “I am the God that dwells within me as me.” So, if you repeat the words Ham Sa with your breathing, over and over again you are also calling on your awareness of God being with you. You can also use So Ham, which is the same thing.

In India, the mantra is considered a cosmic word or sound vibration. They believe it is protective of one who contemplates it. Mantras are considered to be powerful because mantras come from the sound the Universe makes as heard by enlightened meditators.

This is how you do it. You can try this anywhere, anytime because as you do it you're just focusing on your breath. You say the word “Ham” on your inhale and “Sa” on your exhale as you follow your breath in and out. Follow your breath in and follow it out. On each inhale repeat the word “Ham” in your mind, and as you exhale, repeat the word “Sa.” At the same time, keep in mind what the mantra, Ham Sa, means. The focus of the meaning is important, because it's not just repeating the words.

If you meditate with this frequently, it will automatically calm you as you get used to saying it. You will train your mind and your body to go into meditation. All you do is you say the word in your mind, not out loud, “Ham” on your inhale and “Sa” on your exhale as you follow your breath in and out.

I love Ham Sa because it calms me down immediately and it reminds me of the divinity within me and with me. It's also so EASY! When you have a method to connect you to that divinity within you then you always have solace whenever you need it and a direct channel to your intuitive messages. I found this meditation is one quick and simple way of accessing that.