What Does Intuition Feel Like?

I’m asked all the time about what intuition feels like, what happens when you get that intuitive message. My students find that it is super helpful for me to describe what it’s like when I experience intuition, so I’ll share this with you too.

Perhaps a better question would be what is intuition like inside a normal every day person like you? Intuition is always talking to you and giving you messages; it’s just that you don’t notice them. Here are some ways that intuition sends you a message and how you might experience it but not notice.

You have a slight urge to do something small, like pick up an object. You might have a slight impulse to want to get up and walk toward or away from some spot. You’re having a conversation with someone and as you’re listening you have a slight feeling of being off balance, physically, almost as if gravity was pulling you a tiny bit. Perhaps it’s your intuition telling you the person is not being truthful.

Another conversation intuitive message during the conversation could be a slight internal feeling of closing off, as if the flow of good feelings and openness just stopped. Your intuition could be telling you what this person is no longer in agreement with you even though their words say otherwise.

You may be walking along somewhere and you feel a sudden stillness that wasn’t there before, as if it were like the contrast between sunlight and shade, but there is no sunlight or shade. It could be your intuition telling you about the mood of the people who are there or were there.

You might feel a shift in the air pressure in the room, or perhaps get a feeling of someone standing next to you. Sometimes you don’t know the meaning of the feelings and sometimes you discover the meaning.

The only time I’ve ever seen a passed loved one with my physical eyes outside of my mind was in Indonesia. At first, it was a feeling. My husband and I were sitting at the dining table looking at some brochures when I felt an older person behind me shuffling from my left and then to my right. I could almost feel them moving behind me just like when someone walks by you, you feel it.

This older person paused and gave me the feeling they were looking over my shoulder. Then they walked back over to my left beyond the table and I could see them in the corner of my eye. I immediately thought it was my husband’s elderly grandmother who lives in the house.

So I looked up to look straight in that direction to tell her what we were doing and there was no one there. I was surprised; I could have sworn I felt someone there. Then I replayed the image I had in the corner of my eye in my memory and I realized the figure was a man, not a woman and he was wearing pajamas that were grey with maroon trim.

I told my mother-in-law what I had seen and she said, “Oh, that’s grandpa and those were the pajamas I made for him just before he died but he never got to wear.”

Now you may not experience feeling your passed loved ones with your intuition and you may not want to. But you can become more aware of your intuitive feelings now that you have some idea of what it feels like inside of someone.

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