What can I do to handle other people’s negative energy and only keep the good stuff?

A lot of you are sensitive to other people's energy. A frequent question I receive in my email is how to deal with other people's energy when you’re really sensitive to picking it up and taking it in. In this blog post I'm going to answer the most common question I've gotten about this.

Question: I too am very sensitive to other people’s energy, how do I only keep the good energy and not take in the bad?

Dealing with other people’s energy when you’re very sensitive to it can be an entire class in itself! But here are some quick steps to keep away the bad and only take in the good energy from other people:

1. Know that it’s not your energy

It’s theirs and you don’t have to accept it or take it in. Energy follows thought, so if you say to yourself, “I don’t want your negative energy, keep it to yourself.” This will actually help keep your body from absorbing it. You can then say to yourself, “I only accept the good energy that I like from this person.” Which will allow you to keep only their “good” energy.

2. Reject others energy

If the other energy is from people who are not engaged with you, it may be easier to reject it. If it is energy from someone who is talking to you or engaging with you, then it’s a bit harder, but you can still work with it the same way. Know that no one can force you to take on their energy. You can still say silently in your mind, “I refuse to take on your energy, and I am protecting mine,” as you are engaged with this person.

3. Step away or create a “wall”

The last thing you can do is to physically step away. Make an excuse to take a break and leave when the energy is too intense for you. If you can’t leave, then imagine that you are bringing in all of your own energy close to your body and then mentally create an imaginary wall between yourself and the offending person. Imagine the wall is porous and only the good energy can go through and the bad energy bounces off the wall and away from you.

These are quick, high level steps to deal with other people’s energy that you don’t want and keep the energy you do want. Energy management and working with energy is a cool topic and one that I teach others how to do. If you’re interested in learning more about energy management and dealing with other people’s offending energy you can just go to this link for a class I have that teaches all about energy. Go to this link: https://www.lmk88.com/member/intuition-and-energy-class/

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