A step-by-step guide to powerful intuition you can trust

Introducing my new book, Intuition on Demand.
Come back to center, find your inner guidance, learn to trust your intuition.

Learn the Intuition On Demand technique that is easy to follow and gets your intuition to work immediately.
Why you may be stuck at step one on the development map.
Busting the myths about intuition and how to overcome the mistakes they cause.
Find ways to re-program your mind so you can have your intuition “on” all the time and use it in any situation.
Discover how to distinguish between your thoughts and your intuition.
Learn methods to get your thinking and Ego out of the way of receiving intuitive messages.
Learn about metaphysical energy and how to work with it.
Solve common problems everyone has with intuition.
This book has dozens of intuition exercises you can do alone or with a partner to advance your skill.
10 Intuition Tools for love relationships, health, career and business, plus happenings in the future.