Two Powerful Ways of Energetically Protecting Yourself

I’m often asked what can be done to protect yourself from unwanted energy. For example, it could be other people’s negative attitudes, vibes or thoughts. It could also be energy from unseen things, such as spirits. Some people are afraid of energy healing work because they are afraid of absorbing other people’s ‘bad’ energy.

In all my studies in metaphysics and in energy healing, where I learned 5 different modalities and am a certified practitioner in 4 of them. I’ve discovered common methods among them when it comes to dealing with unwanted energy, which I use whenever I am concerned about energy and spirits that are ‘negative.’  Two of those things I learned were that we use thoughts to move energy and our angels are powerful assistants. Once I used these when I was working with Deana, a colleague, to move some wayward spirits that occupied a hundred-year-old large stone house.

We knew there were ghosts in this house, we could feel it, and it was well known in the neighborhood to be haunted. This home was huge with 4 bedrooms on the second floor and 4 more bedrooms on the top floor in what would be the attic, two living rooms, a large finished basement, kitchen and dining area. The house was not lived in and the rooms were somewhat in disrepair and had no furniture.

As with all house ‘cleanings’ we walked through the inside of the house going from room to room. We’d stroll through the perimeter of each room, sensing the energy of each space. The rooms were dusty, and some had cracks in the plastered walls. The solid hardwood floors and doors revealed the home was originally built by a well-to-do family. Each room had a fireplace, and some were ornately carved.

Most of the rooms felt still and quiet. Except one room. It was on the second floor all the way at the end of the hall. Deana and I had separated and explored each room alone. We reconvened after we each finished, back in the hallway. Deana told me she felt the spirits were in the room at the end of the hall, and I agreed that I felt it too. We walked back into that room and it felt as if there was a large male presence on one end of the room, and others who felt ‘smaller’ that were beside him.

Deana said he was preaching to them. Then she started saying some things that I couldn’t quite understand. It felt uncomfortable, so I called in Archangel Michael to come with his legions of angels to surround us and protect us. Immediately, Deana stopped talking. I then felt the presence come towards me, so I raised my hand as if to say “stop” and had a strong intention in my mind that said, “Don’t you dare take another step!” The presence receded. We then helped them find their way to heaven with our intention and they left. That was a strange experience and one that I hadn’t experienced again since.

But it helped me realize how powerful these two things were:

1 – The power of thoughts

You can use your thoughts to move energy and to direct it. Your thoughts can send out powerful energy for yourself and for others around you.

2 – Angels are here to help

Angels are your assistants and are always available to protect you energetically when you call on them. I have always called on my angels for support and protection. Every time I do, I have a sense of calm and peace.

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