2 Steps To Turn On Your Intuition

Becoming intuitive is not always something people naturally do.  You have to train yourself to be intuitive and remember that you can use your intuition for all kinds of things. The more you use your intuition the better it becomes, and you’ll find your intuition messages will begin to have more detail and accuracy. A common problem is that you may be so used to using logic and the thinking part of your brain, you may forget to use the intuitive side of your brain. The fun part is, if you remember to use your intuition, particularly things that aren't too important, when it works it's really cool! You will then begin to build confidence in using your intuition on bigger more important things.  Practice being intuitive all the time and you will create an intuitive life.

Here is how.

1) Initially, the first easy step is to notice your intuitive nudges even when you are doing mundane things, like the laundry.

For example, the other day it was laundry day and I had three types of laundry to do, the whites, the darks and the delicates. I used my intuition to pick which ones to start with; I picked the delicates and then the whites. After they were done I had just the darks to do, but this time I had a strong intuitive feeling I should wait to wash them. I didn't know why, but I figured the reason would reveal itself later.

When my husband came home I asked him if he needed to wash any darks that were not in the basket, he said no, so that wasn't it.  I soon forgot about the darks and we went out to dinner. At the end of our meal, my husband pointed out that I had dripped some bean dip on my jacket and it made an ugly stain. Later at home, I checked my stain buster book it said to pre-treat the stain then wash it immediately in hot water. My jacket was dark colored and I realized, I can put it in with the other darks and use hot water! The stain came out completely. Wow, that was why I was to wait to wash the darks.  I was so pleased my intuition was right.

2) The second more advanced step is to use your intuition for more involved tasks such as when you are at work.

At work you can use your intuition to help guide you in the best course of action to take, particularly if you have choices to make. Let’s say you have a meeting planned with the agenda all set up, but your intuition at the last moment tells you to scrap that agenda and go with a different one. You may find later there is a good reason for that intuitive message!

Here is another example. I often use my intuitive and psychic guidance to teach my students. I set an agenda for our class or workshop and then I am open to intuitive guidance. In our last Six Sensory development group meeting I was about to start our energy clearing meditation and then do a secret reading exercise. Everyone is used to our starting with a meditation and were all getting ready to begin. But this time, my intuition stopped me. I had an urge to change the entire meeting's exercise plan to a “sensing energy” exercise AND do it before our meditation. My intuition guided me to use the left over energy that was still in the room from a meeting held the night before as an exercise for the students.

I explained to the group that we were going to change things and do this energy sensing exercise first to pick up intuitive information about the people that were in the meeting the night before. After giving them instructions, the students walked around the room sensing the energy, picking up intuitive information about the meeting attendees. These particular students have taken my workshops including my Developing Your Intuition Level One and Two classes so they had learned some great skills. Here is what they intuitively picked up, remember I told them nothing other than there was a meeting in that room the night before.

One student picked up a disagreement coming from a man and a woman who had sat on a particular couch. Then another student followed a trail of unpleasant feeling energy out into the lobby. I guided them to pick up more information as we walked toward the doorway.  Some students received the woman's hair color and that there were two children, a girl and a boy, connected to the woman. I showed them how to get more intuitive information from the energies they were picking up and they received ages of the children, personality types of the man and the woman, plus what the discussion was about.

All of the information they picked up was correct.  I validated for them all of their intuitive messages. Here’s what had happened the night before in the meeting. There had been  a heated argument that involved a wife and her husband who sat on that exact spot on the couch. The angry parties soon had moved into the lobby. The discussion was about their children, a boy and a girl. The hair color, personality types, ages of the kids and the topic of discussion were all correct. My students did an excellent job!

Though it was out of order to do the exercise before we do our energy raising meditation, had I done the energy clearing meditation before, it would have erased any residual energy left from the meeting. Both by following my intuitive guidance and going directly to the exercise, the students were able to experience picking up striking psychic information that was so good it surprised all of us!

For you to live a more intuitive life, find ways you can use your intuition in the every thing you do. You are always making decisions, some are big and others are small. These can be wonderful opportunities for you to practice your intuition and allow it to guide you on what to choose or do. Practice on the little things that don't have much impact on you. Start there, and as you get better and your intuition has more accuracy you can move on to more important decisions.

You can use your intuition all the time, if you are attuned to being aware of it. Your intuition is accessible to you in anything you do, including the laundry! The great thing about this is it can be helpful to you when you need it in small ways or big things.  Today it may be the laundry, tomorrow it may be giving you information about a situation at work, or help you with an important family decision.

It is so important to build your intuition so you become intuitive all the time, and if you want to do that you need to turn your intuition on and keep it on by using it at every opportunity you have.  In this way you can lead an intuitive life.

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