The Biggest Mistake People Make With Their Intuition

I’ve visited 10 cities across the United States speaking on intuition during my book tour and also worked with students over the years around the world. I've come across some common problems and mistakes people make with their intuition. I wanted to share them with you and how to fix those problems so you can avoid the mistakes too. If you've made some of them, no worries! Here are some easy ways to fix the first one:

Mistake #1 – Thinking that every intuitive message received must be acted on right away. They then desperately want to figure out what their intuition is trying to tell them so they can either deliver a message to someone it’s meant for or do something about the message if they feel it's for them.

Not every intuitive message you get is meant for you to act on. In fact, your intuition is merely giving you information, just like reading the news. You don’t have to act on all of your intuitive messages. As for information about or for someone else, what should you do? Unless you know the person well plus know that they would appreciate hearing about your intuitive message, you probably should keep your intuitive message to yourself.

Often times I hear someone feels they receive intuitive messages for a stranger they come across. Unless you have high confidence in your intuition skill, it's best not to share the message mostly because you don’t always know how it will be received. Though there are times when I have had some of my more advanced students report to me that they have delivered important intuitive messages to a stranger or two and it’s worked out fine. In general, I know that if the Universe wants a message to be delivered to someone it will find its way to him or her if you don’t act on it. So not to worry!

Sometimes your intuition is giving you pieces of information that are just for you to know about but not necessarily to act on yet. You can ask your intuition to tell you when is the right time to act and be open to that nudge which often comes as a feeling of moving forward. You may feel a slight pause in your work or what your doing, or perhaps in a conversation and a gentle urge to say or do something at that time that is consistent with your previous intuitive messages. That may be the time to act.

Other times your intuition may just be giving you information that is just that, information. It may be about a person, place, thing or situation, but its just information. You don’t necessarily need to act on it. Your intuition might say, “That person is uncomfortable around pets.” Your intuition may tell you, “This place has much sadness here.” Just take it as it is, and don’t worry that it’s a message to act on.

Stay tuned for more about these mistakes and how to fix them!

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