Signs and Messages from Above

When I first learned to work with my intuition I did it through connecting to my angels. They are the messengers that bring you divine signs and messages. Way back when I began to learn about intuition and that soft inner voice that gives us those messages, I figured that angels were safe (after all, they were in the bible). I still love angels and believe that they do exist. I know angels are with all of us all the time.

Your intuition is their ‘voice’ so to speak, because they use your intuition as one of the ways to give you messages. By definition, angels are messengers of God. They exist to help us on our life’s path and to give us guidance as well as pass God’s messages to us.

At first, I learned how to hear my angels and then write down the words they were giving me. It was the first time I had ever done anything like this and I wasn’t sure what I would receive, if anything at all. The idea is that you set your intention to get a message from your angels and then ask them a question. It’s very similar to using my Intuition On Demand technique.

I remember learning how to do this, and then sitting down to try it, wondering is this real? Maybe I won’t get anything. I half expected it to be gobbledygook and I was super surprised that it wasn’t.

The messages didn’t come as an instant download. In fact, the words came very slowly. They came so slowly I didn’t really know if in the end they would make sense all together. But, I didn’t rush it.

Angel messages have certain characteristics that are just like intuition. What I loved about them is that they are always gentle, loving and never mean or scary. They seemed to have a warm vibration to them and when I did this I felt calm and warm.

I asked my angel, “Are you really there, what do I do to hear you?” This is what my angel gave me…one or two words at a time…then a pause and another word, and so on.

Speak to me.

Open to… your awareness.

Open your… heart.

Listen… to me.

When you hear me…. you will know me.

I was shocked, to say the least, and happy I received a message. It was warm and inviting.

A few months later, after practicing this every day, I received, “Your eagerness is divine, your nobleness is good. God’s own love for you is grand and He is still with you. Start thinking of the best way to approach me: through prayer, divine love, and faith. You can pause I will be waiting for you. Faith and patience is trust.”

I love that last part, faith and patience is trust. Eventually, as time went by and worked with connecting with my angels I my trust grew. I still love angels and my angels in particular. They have been with me always and I have relied on them many times to support me and give me divine guidance.

They’ve been there in my toughest most scary moments in my life and have gotten me through them. They were there when I thought I was going to die from endocarditis. They were there when I thought my husband was going to die in 9/11. They are there with me now, and it is so comforting.

I don’t talk too much about angels and intuition, because ultimately, if you believe in them or not, your intuition is there to give you information you wouldn’t normally get using your thinking mind. But I know that believing in something outside of me surely has made my intuition stronger and easier to trust.

If you would like to learn the technique I used to get messages from your angels through writing you can get my class on what I call Automatic Angel Writing. It teaches you exactly the technique I learned on how to get messages from your angels directly through hearing them and writing them down. Everyone and anyone can do this. It's quite simple!

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