Sacred Space

Wherever you are you can always keep a calm, centered, peaceful place within you. Through our connecting to that spirit within us, we can face anything. How do we grow that place within us? One way is by enhancing the space outside of us and ‘practice' being in that space by adding it to your spiritual practices. One of the best every day spiritual practice you can do is to create your own sacred space which becomes your own mini Sacred Power Place where you can meditate, pray, relax or just sit and be.

Sacred Power Places are holy, magical places which have the power to heal the body, inspire the mind, develop intuitive guidance, awaken your true purpose in life and lead you on the path to enlightenment. Most people think of famous sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Machu Picchu or the Pyramids of Egypt, but there are far more places than those and some of them may even be close to your home. In fact, you can create your own sacred place with powerful spiritual energy in your house or personal dwelling.

What makes a site a Sacred Power Place? Millions of people through history have traveled great distances on pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world. These pilgrims search for and often receive divine blessings, healing and enlightenment, or spiritual transformation in these places. Certain sacred sites are very powerful and have palpable energies that everyone can feel. It’s almost as if these sites are bathed in divine supernatural energy. Some sacred sites are in places of great natural beauty, or perhaps where a miracle occurred, or where a saint was born or died and their remains are still there.

Metaphysicians say that sacred sites are situated on intersections of ley lines which are electromagnetic lines in the earth. In these intersections you can feel vortices or vortexes of energy. Sedona, Arizona is a famous place for these vortexes. Martin Gray, an expert in sacred sites, has visited over 1,000 sacred sites in the past 20 years. He categorizes sacred sites into four factors that give them special power; those sites that are influenced by the earth, influenced by celestial bodies, influenced by structures of sacred sites and finally influenced by human intent.  Of course one site can be influenced by more than one of these factors at once.

The most powerful places with spiritual energy, seem to be in places where people are currently worshiping, praying, meditating or performing devotional acts. This includes places that are within a sacred site. The most powerful spiritual energy is found at altars where people pray or meditate. You can create this energy through your own devotion, to whatever God or Universal forces you believe in. Your intention, your reverence to that higher divine spirit, amplifies the spiritual energy and this energy will actually remain in that place.

You can create your own personal Sacred Power Place. This is why people have small altars in their homes where they meditate and pray. The eastern religions often practice meditation on a small woolen blanket. The small blanket absorbs the spiritual energy you invoke during your meditation. To create your own sacred power place, find a spot in your home where you can either sit quietly or place items that bring you peace and remind you of whatever it is that has deep spiritual meaning to you, or just brings you great happiness. You can then charge your special place, whether it be a room or a small altar, with spiritual energy with your spiritual practices that are repeated over and over.

My own meditation space is a sanctuary of good energy and peaceful serenity. People who visit the room often say, “Wow, it feels good in here!” without knowing exactly why. The room has soft lighting, and the walls are decorated in lavender and purples. Sometimes I have incense or an aromatic oil diffuser burning gently in a corner. This room has a couple of ‘altars' on shelves against each wall.  There are also many crystals with their own powerful energy on these altars.  Crystals are a great way to add to the clearing vibration of your sacred space. There are icons, or pictures of ascended masters and ‘wise ones' around the room which helps me invite in their spiritual presence whenever I look at them.  With the sights and sacred scents of the room, I add soft cleansing sounds of meditative music, or I ring a Tibetan bowl or bells to clear the energy of the room and raise its vibration. All of these things plus my intention and prayers of good will keep the energy of the room in a high vibration that people can palpably feel.

Even if you don't have a separate room for your sacred space, you can still use a part of a room or perhaps just a portion of a shelf. It doesn't have to be a large space. You can choose whatever it is that makes you feel calm, serene, sacred, and love for your space. The key is how you feel in your space; the more things you place in the space that make you feel peaceful and spiritual, the more you'll be reminded to think those sacred thoughts and the better you will feel there. Once you've created your own sacred space, you can then have a special place to retreat to and to recharge. You will then find that you can maintain your center of calm, while carrying the energy of that space with you, where ever you are.

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