Do You Have to Have a Quiet Mind to Hear Your Intuition?

Many people complain that their minds are just too busy to tell the difference between their mind chatter and their intuition. It is a very common complaint. But do you really have to have a quiet mind to hear your intuition?

Suppose you are in a frantic emergency situation and you need to know what your intuition is telling you what to do, right then and there, now what? Emergency room doctors and nurses, fire fighters, soldiers in combat don't have the luxury of quieting their mind nor time to do some special thing to tap into their intuition and make quick decisions. They can do it in any state of mind. The good news is, you don't actually need a quiet mind to hear your intuition, particularly if you have developed your intuition awareness.

But, in the beginning, if you don't have intuition tools and an intuition technique, it does help to quiet your mind to start to recognize your intuition. In this case, you’re in luck. I have six things that can help you calm your mind. People have told me these work for them too, so they may help you as well. It is important to remember to do these simple things whenever you can, so you can bring more calmness to your mind. The more you practice this, it’ll be easier for you to hear your intuition more clearly and practice being aware of it. Then in the future when your mind is busier you can recognize it.

One important thing to know is you don’t have to have a silent mind to hear your intuition. If your thinking mind is very loud and chattering non-stop, you definitely won’t hear your intuition in the noise. Also, the key here is not to try to stop your mind chatter. It will never work. You can’t force your mind to stop thinking that just makes matters worse. You just need to calm down the chatter, the worry, the doubts and fears.

We all have a constant stream of analysis, judgment, criticizing, pondering, questioning and answering that is going on in our minds. One of the ways to control this is to give your mind something else to focus on and think about. The more you do, the more you’ll realize how you have control over what goes through your mind, and that’s really important.

Here are some easy ways to calm your mind by giving it something else to experience and think about. If your mind wants to chatter and criticize, then remind yourself to just pay attention to one of the activities below you’re doing now.

  1. Go for a walk. The activity of walking is a simple way to distract your thinking mind. You now have to pay attention to your moving in space. As you walk, pay attention to where you are, feel and notice the space around you walk through it. Pay attention to your steps, and your breathing. This brings you into the ‘now’. Many people love to walk in nature, or on the beach. If you can’t go to a park then try to walk outside. I love the ocean, there is something about the salt air and the sound of the waves that calms my mind.
  2. Listen to music. Start with calm music with no words that you enjoy. Music synchronizes both sides of the brain and has a calming effect. I love to listen with my eyes closed since I find looking at things distracts from the sounds.
  3. Close your eyes. Pay attention to your breathing, do a relaxation meditation, pray or say affirmations. The repetition of these things can calm you and your mind, even though your mind wants to butt in, just remind yourself of what you are doing and go back to it.
  4. Play with your dog or pet your cat. Pets have a wonderful way of bringing out the loving feelings in us and being with them is calming and therapeutic to your worries and anxieties. This calms your mind. Remember, feeling love is an amplifier of intuition.
  5. Think of positive things, which can be noting the good things you have in your life without judging them, or I prefer to imagine my dream life. I often imagine and set an intention of living my dream life before I go to sleep. I imagine in my mind what I’d like to see around me, and what I’d be doing in my dream life. Then let it go.
  6. If all else fails, when you find yourself having thoughts you do not want, whether it be fear, anxiety or doubt, then distract your mind. Some people watch a funny movie, they work out, read a favorite book, or find a reason to laugh.

Disciplining your mind so it doesn’t get away from you with constant chatter, judgment and complaining is the best way to calm it down. You can easily do this by directing its focus somewhere else and on things that calm it down as mentioned above. You’ll be surprised at what this can do for you and hearing your intuition. Try one today.

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