Psychic Energy

All intuitive messages come through energy.  In one of my intuition development classes, a student raised his hand and asked, “What is this energy thing about, how do you feel energy?” This energy thing is psychic or metaphysical energy. It is thought to be the energy that connects us all and has created everything.

Sensing energy is actually not difficult to do, your body does it all the time. In fact, your body and your brain are built to tune in and feel energy exquisitely. Scientists have been prove this by measuring a brain wave connection between two people who are physically not in the same room. Not surprisingly, this energetic connection is stronger when the two people have an emotional bond. Some of this research also shows that the brain can even pick up future events before they happen. Metaphysical energy itself is not measurable by science, but science can measure the way our bodies respond to that energy. Research has shown that our bodies and our brain can sense energy reliably, even if we are unaware of it.

This summer I took a group of students to some sacred sites in New York City to sense the positive divine energy there. You might think it would be difficult to sense anything in the hustle and bustle of the city, but you can. We first visited St. Patrick's Cathedral, a popular tourist destination right across the street from Rockefeller Center. They were doing renovation work inside the front half of the cathedral. Once you stepped past the scaffolding, an amazing buzz of energy washes over you. Everyone felt it, that was really cool. As we walked around, there were places that had high energy and others that were quiet. The chapels where people prayed the most were the most buzzy.

We then visited the shrine of Padre Pio at the Church of St. John the Baptist, both places are in the heart of Manhattan. Padre Pio's glove and sock were in reliquaries on the side of the church. The energy was quiet strong in the sanctuary, and didn't seem to change as you moved around the church.

By tuning out the energy of people around you and quietly focusing on your self, and how you physically feel, you begin to sense the incredible change of energy as you walk through a sacred place.

One of the basic skills you can work on to become more intuitive is to be able to become more aware of how your body reacts to energy so you can sense it more easily. The right side of your brain is the part of your brain that is key in processing feelings in your body, but it is also where you receive your intuitive messages. Remember that you are already built to sense metaphysical energy, you just need to pay attention to how your body feels. You can do this by closing your eyes and see how you physically feel. Do you feel tense anywhere? If you're sitting, where do you feel the chair against your legs? Pay attention to your breathing, is it shallow or deep?

Here are some simple ways you can practice sensing energy the next time you are in a sacred place, or in any special space. This can be done anywhere, any time.

  1. Just close your eyes.

    This immediately shuts off sensory input to your brain from your vision. It automatically allows you to tune in to your own space, your physical feelings and internal awareness.

  2. Next notice how your body feels to you.

    Are you hot, cold or warm? Are you tense any where? Did you notice some part of your body, or arms, legs, feel uncomfortable. We often ignore how our body feels during our day.

  3. Breathe.

    Breathing moves energy through us more easily. It also relaxes us and helps clear our minds. Pranayama comes from the Eastern Indian philosophy which is loosely, the act of using your breath to work with energy. The breath moves the energy.

  4. Then open your eyes and walk slowly around your space.

    I like to walk around the perimeter of a space. As you do, pay attention to how your body feels, you may notice not just physical feelings change but emotional ones as well.

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