Overcoming the Biggest Problem With Developing Your Intuition

The first class I took on intuition development was in a class of about 150 people in Laguna Beach, California. I had traveled across country to take a class in something I knew almost nothing about. I had a great teacher and was very much looking forward to learning from her. I had read her book, cover to cover, and loved it! So, naturally, I signed up early for her course because it would sell out months ahead of time. This was a full week of intuition emersion, so I was expecting to learn a lot!

The first hour of introduction on the first day she talked about what we were going to learn about intuition development and it was everything I was hoping for. And then she said, “Okay, are you ready to do an intuitive reading for someone else? Let’s go!” We all just looked around and stared at each other like, “Whoa, wait a minute, I don’t know what I’m doing! It’s too early! Can’t we wait until tomorrow at least?”

But, she knew, the biggest problem we all have to get over is jumping into practice using our intuition and getting over our fear of getting it WRONG. When you get over the fear and just go with what you get, you’ll make progress in improving your intuition. Here are three things you can do to get over this problem:

1 – Practice Regularly

Practice intuition exercises so you can get used to going with what comes to you and not being worried about consequences. When you practice on unimportant things, it’s easier to push through. Plus, you must practice to improve. Just don’t practice on life decisions, that’s not a good intuition exercise.

2 – Push Yourself

Push yourself through your hesitation to give what you received. In this case I urge people to write down whatever they are getting during the exercise so it’s easier to ‘put it out there.’

3 – Getting is ‘Miss’ is Okay

Remember, the results you get in an intuition exercise, or even when you’re trying to use your intuition in life, does not say anything about you. If you are doing an exercise for practice, and you get a ‘miss’ that’s okay, keep going. It’s just like practicing how to hit a baseball, if you swing and miss, you just get another ball and try again.

Pushing through your hesitation, fear, feeling of vulnerability and self judgement is the key to improving your intuition dramatically. We all have this experience when we first start. It is the ones who push through it who get dramatic results. That’s what happened for me and also for hundreds of students I’ve taught. Remember, you get what you get and you don’t get upset. The results may surprise you. In fact, often the best results are when you think you’ve made it all up.

If you want to practice using your intuition in a safe environment on exercises that are not important to your life, you can join a group called a circle. My Intuition Development Circle is open a couple of times a year to the public to join. It then closes to focus on those who are in circle to help them grow their intuition together.

Sign up for the waitlist to find out when it will open again. https://lmk88.com/circle

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