Older is Better

I'm getting old. Okay, I'm getting older. We're all getting older, and hearing that when you're in your 20's, you think, “Yeah, yeah, I'm not old yet.” But as we do get older, the thought of getting older seems to be something you always want to put in the back of your mind, somewhere where you don't have to think about it.

Milestones in life make you think about time passing, such as graduating High School or College, getting married, having a baby, having your “baby” go to school for the first time, or having your “baby” graduate from High School and go off to college! I think for me, passing the half century mark made me think about it even more. Fifty?? How did THAT happen? Even then, fifty came and went in a flash and I am now into my 6th decade.  Time does fly by fast.

Some of us may hit those milestones and be startled that so much time has slipped away, that we  push the thought out of our minds just to get back on the train again moving forward. We want to hang on to the good things that have passed and we often dread the unknown future. It seems to be more disheartening when our bodies remind us of our aging. The longer we live, the more change we experience.

Change is hard for us in general, but change doesn't have to be a bad thing, it can be a good thing.  Being able to accept a change is releasing and then knowing that something better can come along, is uplifting.  When change happens where we need to let go of something, it may be a bit more difficult. We like to hang on to the old things, but you never know, a better thing may be on it's way!  My dear friend, Anne-Marie, is great at seeing things positively. She always sees and expects that better is coming, her favorite saying is, “Ask God for this or something better!” Here are some things to look forward to no matter what your age:

  • As we age, you know more of what you like and what you don't like, experience gives us the wisdom of “been there done that.” That helps you make better choices and making better choices helps us manifest what we do want.
  • Many older people are happier than younger people. Why? Because with age comes experience and wisdom.  When you're young you don't know what to expect, that leaves you feeling powerless. Experience gives you knowledge to know what to do, what will more likely happen, and also lets you know what to expect. Knowledge is power and the older you are the more knowledge you've gained.
  • Our circles of people who support us can grow where we may have deeper friendships, and perhaps extended families. That means we have a stronger support network that we can rely on when we need it. That can be very comforting.
  • As people age, they often engage in deeper spiritual exploration and practice. This spiritual growth can enhance our ability to connect with and receive divine guidance through intuition.
  • Older adults may develop greater mindfulness and presence, which can help them attune to their inner guidance and the subtle messages that are considered divine.
  • With age, you might find yourself often reflecting more on their life experiences. This introspection can lead to a better understanding of the ways in which divine guidance has manifested in your life, and improve their ability to recognize and trust your intuition.
  • In our older years, we often look for more in life and realize that the “more” is within us, and no longer on the outside.   We often then have the time and interest to find it. That is why so many people return to finding their spirituality later in life, and they do find it. Those who are older are wiser about life, the lessons and experiences they then face in their quest for more spirituality are more fruitful.  They are more centered, more at peace, and have an inner happiness.  And that is better than gold.
  • As you mature, you may become more sensitive to the subtle energies and signals that are part of divine communication. This heightened sensitivity can enhance your intuitive abilities.

Remember, you don't have to reach 50 or 60 to see positive changes as you get older, life is a continuum. Your aging gifts can be noticed when you're 18, 25, 35 or 90!

So think about your life now, where you've come from and what you have gained through the years. Add to the list above and write down what you've discovered.

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