Why You Missed What Your Intuition Was Telling You

In our last intuition blog post, we talked about the first two of the top 3 mistakes people make with their intuition. The first mistake was thinking that every intuitive message you receive must be acted on right away. Not every intuitive message you get is meant for you to act on. The second mistake people often make with their intuition is thinking you have to do something special to make intuition happen, which you don’t. The third mistake is stopping at the first intuitive message they get and then giving up.

Many times I hear people complain that their intuition doesn’t work. That they tried to use their intuition to give them guidance on a difficult problem at work or at home and they say it didn’t work. I see this often with new students as well when we are doing intuition exercises, usually for the first time. They try to use the technique, and they get one piece of intuition, and then they stop. When that piece doesn’t make sense or it doesn’t seem to fit to them, they give up and say they can’t do it. But, it’s not that they can’t, it’s that they stopped too early in getting the full intuitive message! There was a lot more their intuition was going to give them, but they gave up.

Another big block to getting more information is the message they received wasn’t the answer they wanted or were expecting. Again, then they feel their intuition failed them. But, it didn’t, it was just giving them information they weren’t expecting.

One big common problem is using their new intuition technique to get an answer to a problem that is too big for their new found skill. If you use your intuition right away on a life problem before you’ve had a chance to develop your intuition skills you may be disappointed when your messages seem to not hit the mark. So start small and use your intuition on simple but good intuition exercises. Keep going by using the Intuition on Demand technique to get more information as your first intuition message may only be part of the bigger picture. Again, remember you often get guidance that leads you ultimately to the big answer you would like to have. Don’t give up! And remember to practice, practice, practice first. This is why I have my Intuition Development Circle, to give students the biggest opportunity to practice great intuition exercises. Build your skill and you'll start to see your intuition is working just fine and you are able to get answers to problems you want to solve to make your best decisions.

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