Manifesting What You Want Faster

What you want, wants you, a friend said to inspire me. She was right. The Universe wants you to have what you desire, and you have the ability to manifest anything.

There are a few steps to set the stage for your manifesting. If you do the right things, then you can use your intuition to guide you to make it happen. Using your intuition is the final step in manifesting or creating what you want in life, it is one of the most important steps.  The superpower of your intuition is what guides you to just the right places, things and people that the Universe brings you to make your desired manifestations happen.

This is how it works.

The steps to manifesting are:

1. Unblock the energy

Manifestation uses energy to create for you. The biggest block to overcome is to start believing that manifesting is possible. It is better to believe it is already happening because the Universe is preparing to send it to you. That it is in the process of being formed by energy of the Universe for you. Believing everything is already in place to manifest for you is important.

2. Imagine it is reality

Now this is the fun part. Your imagination is connection to the Universe and your thoughts create your reality. Don't overthink it, don't analyze it, just create a picture in your mind, or perhaps as a thought or words. This is your chance to create the dream.

A good time to do this when you go to bed. As you close your eyes to get ready to sleep, imagine your future dream. It is like “make believe” where you create whatever you want. Again, don't overdo it with analysis or details of how it would work, just imagine the end result. Imagine what it would feel like and enjoy it.

Years ago when I first started in my business I wanted to reach more people. So each night before I went to sleep I would do this.

I have always wanted to speak in front of a large audience. Before I went to sleep I would imagine I was standing on stage in front of an audience in big crowded theater. I couldn't see everyone because the lights shown on the stage, and they were in the dark, but I know there are lots of people out there. I imagined I was enjoying teaching them all and they audience was eagerly interested in what I had to say. That was it.

I have now had a chance to speak to big and small audiences all around the world.

3. Release it to the Universe

Now is the time to let it go, even forget about it. You've put in your “order,” now just allow it to happen. You will be presented with inspiration, synchronicities and intuitive messages on what to do or where to go next. That leads us to the final step.

4. Use your intuition

The final step. Now your intuition comes into play to make your manifestation more efficient. Remember you are co-creating with the Universe. That means when the Universe comes to you with opportunities, events, people or assignments, take notice. You will find people, things, events, and situations may arise that are in response to your manifestation request from the Universe and it is your intuition that helps you notice the right ones to follow.

You check in with your intuitive senses to determine which things to pursue. For example, someone may come to you with an offer or invitation that requires you to take action. Or you come across an event that seems in line with your requested manifestation. These things that come up are most likely new, since you are manifesting what you don't already have. Check with your intuitive senses, does it give you a good gut feel? Is it light and enticing? If so, go with it.

Start practicing today manifesting and using your intuition to guide you to the perfect next steps and opportunities that the Universe is presenting to you to make your manifestations come to fruition. You can start small like manifesting a wonderful meal, or perhaps concert tickets.

Allow yourself to believe and feel the excitement of knowing that what you have requested is coming to you. Then let it go and be open to the messages that come by, the situations, or incidents that come by that seem linked to your request. Perhaps a friend calls out of the blue and you find yourself trying to decide whether or not to call them back. Call back, you never know, they may be inviting you to that concert you wanted to manifest.

Take the next day or so and figure out what you want to manifest. Then put the steps in place to let it happen. The manifestation may take more than a day; in fact, it may take weeks or months. Continue to have faith and be on the lookout for the synchronicities, use your intuition to see what you are drawn to, or what pops up.

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