How LOVE Can Enhance Your Intuition

One of the strongest energetic connections we have to the world around us and to other people is through our physical heart and the energy that is centered there. This is how to use it!

When I was studying intuition, a common phrase I used to hear was you had to “go into your heart” to be more intuitive. For a long time I didn’t know what it meant to “go into your heart.” As I researched, learned, and then experienced intuition, I found out what it meant! So, I’m going to share it with you.

The researchers at HeartMath have actually been able to measure the electromagnetic energy that emanates from our hearts and discovered that it extends out 20 feet! Metaphysically, our heart energy is the energy of love. We feel it when we are in love or feeling love. There have been scientific studies that have shown that the heart is involved in receiving, processing and decoding intuitive information along with the brain and possibly other systems in the body. Your heart has it’s own intrinsic nervous system comprised of a complex system of over 40,000 neurons that, according to HeartMath studies, “gives the heart the ability to independently sense, process information, make decisions, and even to demonstrate a type of learning and memory.”

So how do we go into this mini heart brain and connect to the intuitive information it contains?

Empirically, master intuitives always tell you to connect with love. If you want to be telepathic with your loved one, then think of how much you love them, and allow yourself to be filled with that feeling of love. I discovered this myself one day by accident with my, then, 7 year old son. I was lying in the bed watching television with my son as he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his back towards me. For some reason, I found myself staring at his back and just feeling so much love for him that I wanted him to be closer to me so I could give him a big hug. All of a sudden at that very moment he turned his head around and quickly crawled over to me. I hadn’t said a word, nor made a sound. How did he know just in that moment? I even asked him, “How did you know I wanted you to come over so I could give you a hug?” He just shrugged his shoulders. I believe by feeling my strongest love for him, he ‘heard’ me intuitively and just acted on it.

The strongest intuitive connection to someone else happens when you are connected to him or her through love. Nicole Mayhew of Saratoga Springs, Utah, was at work when she had an intuitive message that she needed to go home to check on her husband, Scott. He was at home working on their Ford Explorer when it fell off the jack onto his chest. He was pinned, could hardly breathe and had no way to call for help. All he could do was pray. He said. “I just knew if I hung on long enough, my prayers would be answered and she would know to come home.” Nicole’s intuition sent her a message as a feeling she needed to rush home to check on him, and it was just in time. When she drove into the driveway and got out of her car, she heard him say, “Help me love.” She knew immediately that the car was on him because, as she put it, “That’s what’s in my head.” She and a neighbor were able to jack up the car and get it off him after calling 911. Scott was taken to the hospital and had several broken ribs but was expected to make a full recovery.

So, how do you use your heart intentionally to connect to someone intuitively?

Think of someone you love, and imagine that they are there with you. Think of the things that you love about them, is it something they often say or do? Maybe just remembering how they look fills you with a feeling of love. Once you have them in your mind, you can ask your intuition a question for them. How is my love? What are they doing now? See what pops up. If nothing else, it’s a great way to send someone love.

You can do the same kind of approach with someone or something you don’t love. Instead feel the love you have for a loved one, and then as you think about them, ask your intuition a question about the other thing you wanted information on. Make sure you are in a calm place and that you feel relaxed. If you want to get intuitive information about a difficult situation or person, that may require you to use an intuition tool to help get you out of your thinking mind and worries. I teach my students how to use intuition tools in my membership called the Intuition Development Circle.

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