Love all things intuition but feeling alone?

In a previous blog post I talked about the a common concern people have about intuition, which is that they’ve lost their connection to their intuition. The second concern I hear is feeling alone and not having anyone to share their interest in intuition or their spiritual journey with. It’s particularly hard when a spouse doesn’t share your beliefs. You may have found that friends or family see what you’re interested in as odd or weird. You get excited as you read books or see a video online teaching you about something new but you have no one to share your excitement with or talk to about it with. That’s a very lonely position to be in.

I’ve heard people say that they like that because I’m an engineer and scientist, I teach in a more grounded and logical way and it’s more comforting to them. One woman came to me to buy my book because she wanted her husband to read it because he was an engineer and she wanted him to understand her spiritual journey. Perhaps then she could then share the journey with him.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re walking on a path that makes you feel that you need to keep it a secret. You feel like you are reading tons of books on the subjects you love, but no one to share it with. Certainly, not your local book club! When I first started to look for in-person events and places to meet people who were interested in metaphysical topics, it seemed like there were none. After all, I’ve been living in the same area for over 30 years! What helped me was broaching the topics slowly with some of my existing friends, just to feel them out. When I found those who were interested in the same things I was, I discovered more resources. One person would know about a store, another about a place to take classes. Through them I found local stores, events and classes. Eventually, I had an entire list of where to go. It truly surprised me; I didn’t think these places existed.

Some of you may have tried this or know that the culture where you live is just not open to these subjects. Now with the Internet you can find like-minded people all around the world. This is one of the reasons why I created an online Intuition Development Circle where people can get together and share their experiences as well as practice developing their intuition. You can search online for Meet Up groups, or classes and workshops to join. Workshops are great because the other students are automatically interested in the topic of the class.

I have a lot of friends who believe in different things; sometimes they believe in opposing views and beliefs. That’s probably because I’m open to all views and thoughts. So, I have learned to only talk about some things with some friends and other things with other friends. It doesn’t mean I like one group over the other. Everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs. What I choose to believe isn’t dependent upon only what my friends and family believe in. I have enough strength in my own thinking to believe in what works for me. The key, for me, is that I’m open.

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