How to Know When Your Intuition is Right

You have that feeling that’s bugging you; someone you just met or something about a situation makes you feel some trepidation, that something is not right. Your mind may be saying, “Yes, it’s okay, you’re just worrying too much,” but you feel uneasy. You say to yourself, “Is it them, is it me? Is there something I’m not seeing? Will I regret it? Is it my intuition telling me something?”

Using your intuition effectively is a process of using it to monitor your steps. That means it is your inner intuitive system is giving you information as you go along, but not necessarily to tell you to stop or go ahead. Your intuition may tell you to shift your approach or take a different route. It may be helping you navigate dealing with a person’s personality quirks. When you recognize that is how your intuition helps you the pressure to find the go/no go answer goes away. This opens up the full functionality of your intuition to help you through any situation.

Your first thought may be, is it my intuition or is it just my fears bubbling up? Fear is never a characteristic of intuition, and if you are afraid, then it is not your intuition speaking to you. Intuition will come to you in a word, or an image, or a brief subtle feeling.

Many people expect intuition to give them predictions of the future, or tell them exactly what to do. Your intuition is giving you information about your situation and adds depth and sometimes a clearer view of what is happening now. Intuition helps give you better information about a person, or a problem to assist you and this may be just want you want.

Now that you see the kind of information your intuition is sending it may help you interpret it’s meaning when you have that funny feeling. You can use this information with your thinking mind to decide what steps to take next.

Key points:

  1. Intuition often gives you the here and now assessment of what is rather than what will be or should be.
  2. You take that information and have to make your best decision on which way to go or what to do next.
  3. Test your next steps to take with your intuition by imaging taking one step and notice how you feel or what images pop up in your head.
  4. Your intuition will be giving you feelings and words as you interact with other people, so spend more time being the observer when you are with them.

Your intuition is usually right; it’s just your interpretation of the message that can be wrong. When you understand how your intuition works for you will help you get the right answers for any situation.

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