Is intuition a bad thing?

We've been going over common concerns about intuition. This one keeps people from moving forward in life, stumbling around because they shun their intuition. This concern is a fear of using their intuition is doing something “bad.” That connecting to your intuition is improper, or learning about these things will get you into trouble. Often it’s family members, or parents who have taught them that listening to an intuitive message is wrong or worse, a sin. I’ve also heard that even though they have been told this, they still feel deep down that listening to their intuition is not wrong nor a sin. So they learn about intuition when no one is looking.

It can be very isolating and leave you feeling dismayed that you’re alone in your enthusiasm to discover more about your inner guidance. You don’t want to turn away from that internal divine wisdom that seems to have been guiding you since you could remember. Even the professional world turns away from admitting that using your intuition is a legitimate way to help solve problems and make decisions. A study was done of 1300 management executives from around the world on using their intuition. The study revealed that while nearly 80% of those interviewed admitted they would use their intuition to make important business decisions all the time, only 50% of them said they would ever admit it to anyone.

Why are we so afraid to admit to others the significant role our intuition has in our decision making? It’s all history and culture. I believe it comes from the old days of controlling the masses. If the mass of people receive their direction internally, then they are harder to control. External rules and direction from ‘authority’ is more controllable by a smaller group of people to direct large masses of people. That’s not to say rules are not necessary, but perhaps ignoring our inner guidance has gone a little too far.

Plus intuition tends to be nebulous, and intangible to our thinking minds. “I’m not sure how I came up with that solution, but it works!” This is because intuition is not from our thinking part of our brains; it’s from the intuitive part, which is hard to put into words, literally. But our intuitive minds are truly part of our biology and it does have useful and sometimes profound information that we can and should use. So, don’t worry about using your intuition it’s part of our wiring.

But, there is something you should worry about… and that is charlatans who try to take advantage of others by telling them that they are receiving intuitive messages regarding attachments and curses that are harming people they encounter, say at a fair or expo. The charlatans claim that they are the only one who can remove attachments or curses for a high fee, and by the way, it only lasts for a week and then you have to go back to have it done again. I recently encountered someone like this at an expo I was exhibiting at. It was unexpected but I wasn’t too surprised since I know this happens. My advice is to just stay away from people like this.

Knowledge, in my mind, is the best way to combat fear. When you know more about what it is you’re afraid of you can calm down and walk more in confidence. Plus follow what feels right deep down inside you. That’s what going into your heart means. Do you keep coming back to it? Does it give you a sense of solace and calm? Is it your thinking and judging mind that holds you back? Do you find yourself desiring to know more? I always go with what feels right and also what my thinking mind explores to discover. The more I research and know then can help me make a decision on what to do next. That expands my mind and understanding so I can make my own choices without someone making them for me.

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