How To Use Your Intuition to Improve Your Health

If you want to be healthier and feel better, your intuition can help steer you in the right direction. In fact, your intuition often knows more intimately about your body than you may realize. The intuitive side of your brain is actually more connected to the physical feelings in your body than the rest of your brain. You can pick up that information that may be telling you some important things about your health.

Your brain is actually collecting lots of information about your body that happens silently. Many times you are not conscious of it, and that’s a good thing. You would be overwhelmed with all that data. But, there may be important clues that are giving you a heads up on what you should watch out for regarding your body health.

If you listen to your body through your intuition you can head off problems before they become bigger issues. Stress and fatigue often plague all of us; especially if you are dealing with a lot of things in your home life, work life and family or relationship life. Stress and fatigue are the number one contributor to heart problems, can lead to weight gain, make your bad moods worse among many other health problems. You can’t avoid stress but how do you know when you’re under a little too much stress, when you’re going over the line and need a break? Your intuition can tell you. I’ll go over how later in this tip how to tune into your body. Sometimes your intuition is needed to help you decide what to do when you don’t feel well.

When I was sick with a heart infection, it didn’t feel like I had more than a mild flu. The difference was my heart was racing and I was short of breath every now and then. It was so innocuous that the doctors I went to see about it claimed it was nothing. But my body knew otherwise. It didn’t intuitively feel right to me. I had an uneasy feeling when I turned to my intuition to ask it what was happening to me. My intuition answered that it was serious and that I needed to see a specialist.

My son, Chris, had a similar problem with not feeling well, but it wasn’t clear what was wrong to the doctors. He was having muscle spasms in his back after starting to go running in the cold. It was painful, but seemed to be localized to the back of his chest. The doctors said it seemed to be muscular. I kept asking Chris if he could breathe ok, and he said yes. The next day he said he was feeling better. Later that evening he said he started to feel his heart beating in a way he never felt before. My intuition popped up and made me feel very uncomfortable about this, so I took him to the emergency room. They diagnosed him with a lung collapse!

Maybe you notice that funny patch on your skin, or you have had a nagging pain somewhere that you can’t decide what to do about. I’m an advocate of always going to the doctor to get things checked out. But, even then, you may have to help your doctors take another step. Your intuition can give you guidance there. Knowing the characteristics of intuition can help you know when your intuition is giving you a message you need to pay attention to as opposed to your worry thoughts.

Practicing intuition exercises with your intuition will give you the experience of when your intuition is speaking to you or you are just making it up. When you practice and you see what is like when your intuition giving you a message because it was right on, then you’ll know exactly what it felt or sounded like. Intuition can help you decide whether you are coming down with an illness that will pass or you really need to go to the doctor because it’s more serious. Intuition can give you a little edge. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t diagnose you or give you medical advice for your decisions. But I believe that when you are making health decisions you should try to use all the resources at your disposal, and that includes your intuition.

One of the best ways I found helps me be tuned into my body is to do a relaxation meditation. By focusing on your body and how it feels you'll know when it is telling you something is not normal, or not right. It's easy to do and you will be surprised at what tension and stress you hold in your body. Try it!

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